Terms & Conditions

For most people the legal parts are boring to read, but the ancient Greeks had a very wise saying: "Clear deals make good friends".
To avoid any misunderstandings please take a minute to read the terms and conditions:

About your Booking

  1. On the day of arrival you may board the yacht at 5 pm and on the last morning disembarkation is by 9 am
    (This is done in order to give time to the crew to prepare the yacht for the next cruise.)
  2. The deposit is 30% of the total cost and is due at the time of booking.
    The balance is due at least 8 weeks before your starting date and failing to do that will result in your booking getting canceled and your deposit being lost. If we haven't heard from you 8 weeks before your holiday, we will of course remind you about your balance before we cancel your holiday.
  3. If you book your holiday in less than 8 weeks from the starting date of your cruise, the full amount must be paid with your booking.



  1. If you cancel your booking more than 8 months before the starting date, your deposit will be refunded to you, minus a cancellation fee of 700 Euro.
  2. If you cancel between 4 and 8 months before the departure date, your deposit will be retained.
  3. If you cancel in less than 4 months from the departure date, there is no refund. However every effort will be made to re-book your cancellation and if we succeed with a booking equivalent to yours (whole yacht booking / cabin booking) then a refund will be given to you, minus your deposit.


Change of Dates or yacht

  1. If for any reason you need to alter the dates of your cruise within the same season, we will do that at no charge, provided there is availability and that we are able to rebook your original dates. If your original dates do not get rebooked, our cancellation policy will apply.
  2. If for any reason you need to alter the dates of your cruise to one of the following seasons, we will have to cancel your booking for the current season and our cancellation policy above will apply.
  3. We will do our best to commence the cruise at the date and place agreed (since 2004 when we started organizing these cruises, there hasn't been a single time when we didn't manage that!). In case however there is a delay from our part, you will have the following options:
    1. Provided that the following cruise commitment of the yacht allows it, to prolong your cruise by the same length of time as the time lost.
    2. Provided that there is availability on our other yachts, to switch your booking on another yacht. If the price of that yacht is higher you will not be charged the difference and if the price is lower you will be refunded the difference.
    3. To leave the date of termination unchanged and to be refunded by an amount proportional to the time of delay at the rate corresponding to the total fees.
    4. To cancel your booking and get a full refund.

In cases (a) and (c), accommodation arrangements and costs will be covered by us, either on the yacht, or if that is not possible, in rented accommodation.

  1. If the yacht you originally booked is not available for your cruise, to switch your booking to a yacht equivalent or better than the one you originally booked.


What IS and IS NOT included in the price

  1. The price for the cruise includes your cabin (s) on the yacht, the captain, the cook / hostess, fuel, bed linen & pillows, water, access to the bar with free beer, wine and ouzo, mooring fees, yacht insurance, 3 hours per night of air-conditioning, taxes, the use of all equipment onboard (with the permission of the captain), breakfast, lunch, non-alcoholic drinks and all other running expenses of the yacht.
  2. The price does not include flights, transfers, dinners and access to the internet. You are welcome to use the air-conditioning for more hours per day, at a cost of 7 Euro per hour on S/Y Mythos and 14 Euro per hour on S/Cat Nicolas.
  3. If you would like to have your dinners onboard, then we could organize that for an extra cost of 40 Euro / person per dinner (for a minimum of 4 guests).


Illness or Injury

  1. If you suffer illness or injury during the cruise, the captain will arrange at your cost, medical treatment and emergency evacuation service if that is deemed necessary for your safety.
    We do insist that you take personal travel insurance for your peace of mind.


Safety and well being

  1. While participating in the activities of this cruise, you must respect the other guests and not cause any annoyance to them. Everyone is there to enjoy.

    The captain is responsible for the well being and safety of all the guests, the crew and the yacht and you should comply with his instructions.
    Although the guests have access at all times to the bar with free beer, wine and ouzo, you are not allowed to be drunk while sailing or swimming, for safety reasons. The captain has the final word on the amount of alcohol that may be consumed onboard the yacht.

    We reserve the right to terminate the holiday of any person whose behavior is causing annoyance, distress, damage or danger to our guests, the crew or the yacht.
    Upon such termination, this person will not be entitled to any refund and we shall not be liable for any extra costs incurred.
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