Saronic Islands (Aegean) & suggested itineraries

The Saronic Islands - PorosThis area offers something for everybody’s taste!

Villages and little towns with beautiful architecture influenced from the Venetian times, ancient sites, pine forests reaching all the way down to the sea, beautiful secluded bays for our swim stops and very nice sailing conditions.


What’s more, in a similar way to the Ionian, this sea is quite protected by the coast of Attica, so we avoid the big swell that is common further out in the Aegean Sea. This is important for us, as the big majority of our guests have never been on a yacht before and the cruising wouldn’t be attractive if the seas were choppy.


Map of the SaronicMap of the Saronic


The first few years we were only cruising in the Ionian Sea as we loved those islands, but in 2008 we thought it would be interesting to try the Aegean as well (Saronic and Cyclades). And we really liked them, so since then every year we combine a few months of the season in the Aegean and a few months in the Ionian.


The Saronic IslandsThe Saronic Islands, similar to the Ionian, offer us numerous options for places to visit and nice bays for our swim stops, and what’s important, the distances between them are reasonable, which makes them ideal for a relaxed holiday.

The villages and small towns have a nice architecture and because of their hilly countryside they are amphitheatric, so they are always a pleasant sight as you are slowly approaching the harbor under sail.


The Saronic Islands - HydraThere is a big variety of places to visit, like Aegina, Poros, Hydra, Spetses, Vathi on the Methana peninsula and Palea Epidavros with the famous ancient theatre which is a world heritage site, Angistri and even Nafplio at the south.

On a 2 week cruise, you can get further south and sail along the eastern coast of the Peloponnese visiting its quiet little villages and getting all the way to the picturesque medieval village of Monemvasia at the south, which is enclosed in a high stone wall with the sea all around.


The Saronic Islands - ancient sitesBut except for the wonderful places you will visit during your cruise, we would recommend that you also plan to stay in Athens for at least a day (ideally 2-3) before or after your cruise. In one day you can have a pleasant walk around the famous ancient sites like the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Agora and many more.

In the evening if you still have some time, you can have a quick look at the archaeological museum, although you really need a second day if you would like to have a good look at the incredible treasures from the ancient times that are kept there.


The Saronic Islands - Volcano at VathiFor our Saronic cruises we are using Alimos marina in Piraeus (the port of Athens) as a base, so it’s easy to get to us directly from Athens airport or from Athens city center by public transport (metro or bus) and by taxi.


You can click on the links below if you would like to read more about a specific place:

• Saronic area:
Aegina, Poros, Hydra, Spetses, Vathi, Palea Epidavros, Ermioni, Dhokos

• Western coast of the Peloponnese:
Vivari, Nafplio, Astros, Leonidio, Kiparisi, Yerakas, Monemvasia




The Saronic Islands - SpetsesThe distances between the islands in this area are slightly bigger than in the Ionian, however we plan our route in such a way that we make good use of the wind direction, and have fast and pleasant crossings.

After all, we are well-known for our relaxed cruises, every day combining a few hours of sailing, a few hours anchored in a bay and finally mooring in a little harbor around 4-5 o'clock in the evening so we can explore the villages.


A 1 week - Saronic (relaxed cruise) N.M.
Sun embarkation and departure for Aegina 17
Mon Vathi 13
Tues Poros 19
Wed Spetses 26
Thur Hydra 15
Fri Perdika 22
Sat Marina at Piraeus (Athens) 20
Sun disembarkation at 9 a.m. after breakfast


B 2 weeks - Saronic/Peloponesse (relaxed cruise with 1 longer day at sea) N.M.
Sun embarkation & departure for Aegina 17
Mon Ancient Epidavros 15
Tues Vathi 12
Wed Poros 19
Thur Ermioni 22
Fri Yerakas 37
Sat Monemvasia 10
Sun Leonidio 33
Mon Astros 17
Tues Nafplio 12
Wed Spetses 27
Thur Hydra 28
Fri Perdika 22
Sat Marina at Piraeus (Athens) 20
Sun disembarkation at 9 a.m. after breakfast




The Saronic Islands - Hydra The Saronic Islands - Perdika

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