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Guest Book 2022
(on S/Cat Nicolas with captain Nunzio or Stefanos or Emmanuel and hostess Alicia)

Patras – Patras, 21 – 28 May 2022

We could not have imagined a more perfect honeymoon. This will never be forgotten and will be remembered with absolute joy.

Cheers to bat island, jellyfish island, seal island, goat island and cat island!

Marshall M. & Lindsey R. (Canada & USA)



Patras – Patras, 21 – 28 May 2022

The trip was absolutely magical! The memories we’ve made will sustain us for a very long time. I sincerely hope we will sail together again.

Thank you!
Kim & Chris M. (Kansas, USA)



Patras – Patras, 11 – 18 June 2022
Alicja & Stefanos,

Thank you for a wonderful week cruising the Ionian. What a magical place and a peaceful and relaxing cruise. The islands are amazing!

Alicja, your food is superb, we would certainly want a copy of your cook-book! And the swimming and snorkelling was amazing!
Each stop brought something new, and the limestone beds and scenery were simply breathtaking!
We will not forget all of this beauty that we were able to witness.
We are so glad that John & Wendy recommended that we sail with you, this has been an unforgettable trip and we are already talking about
when we can return!

All the best!
Mark B. & Sarah C. (Washington DC, USA)



Patras – Patras, 11 – 18 June 2022

What a wonderful trip! From the 1st day to the last it was magical! The food, knowledge & gracious hostess and Captain made the trip memorable!
We are planning a return trip soon!

Shiona & Chris B. (Woodstock GA, USA)



Patras – Patras, 11 – 18 June 2022
Amazing Alicja and strong Stefanos!

Flavourful cuisine and smooth, safe sea! Thank you both for the wonderful experience. Much Love, health, happiness, and smooth sailing!

Rob & Kelly W. (Margaretville, SC, USA)



Patras – Patras, 11 – 18 June 2022

What beautiful memories we made as a family – all thanks to you!
Captain Stefanos, we were amazed by your parking skills and cool under pressure.
Thank you for going the extra mile and teaching Aidan & Shellie how to paddleboard from behind the boat. So much fun!

And Alicja – we just can’t say enough about your professionalism, level if service and boundless energy!
And your food – the best we’ve had in Greece, hands down. You truly made this trip exceptional! We wish you smooth seas for the rest of the season!

With much appreciation,
Shellie, Neerav, Nathan & Aidan S. (Portland, OG, USA)



Patras – Patras, 18 - 25 June 2022
To Alicja & Stefanos,

Thank you so much for our wonderful trip through the Ionian Sea. It was truly an amazing experience.
We gladly settled into the rhythm of the sail, morning coffee, breakfast, swim, sail, swim, cocktails, swim, dinner and even more swim!
I am so glad we’ve spent our anniversary trip on your boat, and we look forward to next time.
Great Captain, great Host and great trip!

Mac & Sarah S. (Fargo, ND, USA)


What an amazing trip! Thank you for making this one to remember!
Not only did this trip strengthen the bond between us friends from ND, but we truly feel that we made forever friends with Alicja and Stefanos!

Don’t be strangers and let us know if and when you bring this lovely experience to the Caribbeans! Until next time!

With much love and appreciation,
Jp & Jill M. (Fargo, ND, USA)


Thank you for making our trip an amazing experience. The hospitality, friendliness, laughs and amazing views certainly made this a trip we will forever remember! From your favourite North Dakotans...

We will miss you! Until next time!
Lucas & Jenna S. (Fargo, ND, USA)



Patras – Patras, 26 June – 03 July 2022

A wonderful week touring the Ionian Sea with Alicja, Stefanos and George taking great care of us.
We were able to feel the “special relationship” with 4 entertaining and engaging Americans.

Thanks to Steve, Claudie, Matt and Sue for helping make the trip so fun!
The first time we have ever done a luxury cruise and it was brilliant!

Andy & Debbie B. (UK)



Patras – Patras, 26 June – 03 July 2022

For our first Greek trip and Sail, this was the best. Great company, food, drinks, views and the very best hostess.
We were also lucky enough to meet George! Take care!

Matt & Sue M. (Davenport, IA, USA)



Patras – Patras, 26 June – 03 July 2022

Thank you for an amazing odyssey in the Ionian Sea! One of the best, most relaxing weeks we’ve spent onboard, amazing food (thanks Alicja!), wonderful swimming and lovely group of people onboard. We look forward to the next trip aboard the NICOLAS!

Thank you so much!
Claudia & Steven B. (Washington DC, USA)
Steven J. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA)



Patras – Patras, 26 June – 03 July 2022

An amazing tour of the Ionian Sea, so so relaxing and just brilliant!! Food and the host just amazing (Alicja!!)
We met a great bunch of people and simply had great fun.

Thank you so much,
Mike & Tracey C. (UK)



Patras – Patras, 26 June – 03 July 2022

Absolutely amazing!!! Surpass all expectations! A dream come true!

Tracey C. (UK)



Patras – Patras, 03 - 10 July 2022

Thank you for an amazing experience. The towns were we docked each night were picture perfect, the bays we visited were gorgeous and of course Alicja’s food was unforgettable.

Emmanuel was always helpful and Alicja’s knowledge of the islands and their history insured that we made the most out of every day.

Thank you!!
Laurie K. (OH, USA)



Patras – Patras, 03 - 10 July 2022

This has been a highlight of my life. Thomas and I have been looking forward to this trip for 2 years since it was cancelled in 2020.
Now, we’re here celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary and this was picture perfect.

Alicja thank you for your amazing food, your knowledge of the areas, your warmth in your presence and overall fun-loving attitude!
Emmanuel, thank you for sharing your knowledge of the area, sailing and boating!
This was a great group onboard that I hope to see again.

Thomas M. (Dallas, TX, USA)



Patras – Patras, 03 - 10 July 2022

What a wonderful holiday! Thank you Alicja and Emmanuel for making it so special!
We have been looking forward to this trip for 3 years after Covid cancellations.

Thanos, thank you for all your help in booking and answering many questions.
The week sailing lived up to my expectations and much much more. Beautiful bays, ports and villages, wonderful food, and company.

Bee happy!!
Linda & Ian L. (NSW, Australia)



Patras – Patras, 03 - 10 July 2022

If you could “put old heads on young shoulders” everyone should do this trip sooner than later!
Great way to spend a 34th wedding anniversary, one to remember.

Ian L. (NSW, Australia)



Patras – Patras, 03 - 10 July 2022

A truly incredible week. We have been looking forward to this adventure since booking in 2019, but I had no idea it would be this special.

Alicja and Emmanuel were fantastic company (as were our fellow guests), and the swimming holes, villages and dinner stops were more than I could have imagined.
Thank you,
Thomas M. (Oak Cliff, TX, USA)



Patras – Patras, 03 - 10 July 2022

A truly wonderful experience. Awesome food, great service, wonderful itinerary with lots of variety. Thanks for your hospitality!

Bob P. (USA)



Patras – Patras, 03 - 10 July 2022

Anko Yachting delivers everything it promises on the website and more.

The boat was beautiful and remarkably spacious in the sense that there was always a place to sit in comfort and watch the waves play on the water. Every lunch was delicious and beautiful. We loved every village and island we visited.
But this paradise would have been insignificant were it not for Emmanuel and Alicja’s warm, welcoming, kind and cheerful presence.

Thank you for making this trip so special you two!
Laurie L & Philip P. (USA)



Patras – Patras, 17 - 23 July 2022

A beautiful way to explore Greece by sea. Daily excursions make each spot unique and new.

Alicja’s food is not only delicious & nourishing, but food for the soul. Her smile and positive spirit brought life to the trip! Lovely to meet Georgia and be in good hands with a knowledgeable skipper like Emmanuel.
Thank you for sharing such special place. Will not forget my time in the Ionian Islands.

Sayard B. (San Francisco, CA, USA)



Patras – Patras, 23 - 30 July 2022

Thank you for an amazing week exploring the Ionian islands. We had a great time aboard the NICOLAS.
Very warm, very friendly, amazing food, drink and great dancing / music! Overall an unforgettable experience!

We are looking forward to our next opportunity to sail with you.
Jeffrey M. & Mi Young S. (Seattle, WA, USA)



Patras – Patras, 23 - 30 July 2022

Thank you for this amazing personal experience. We loved every minute at it. We will remember this forever and treasure these special memories.

Much love,
Benno B. & Joy J. (USA)



Patras – Patras, 30 July – 06 August 2022

Thank you so much for another amazing voyage and discovery around the beautiful Ionian islands! Amazing hospitality!
Can’t wait to revisit! Many Thanks!

Dave, Kath, Annie, Sam,
Patrick, Sophie, Will and Stan, (UK & Germany)


Wonderful holiday of a lifetime! Thank you for everything! It has been a real pleasure to be with you!

Katy H. (UK)


Thank you for the best trip of my life and one I will remember forever, thanks to your hospitality and hosting.
We were so happy to have met you.

Sophie K. & Patrick K. (Ireland)



Patras – Patras, 06 - 13 August 2022

We cannot thank you enough for giving us such an extraordinary experience. This trip has opened my eyes to a higher level of beauty and calm.
Your entire crew and family have made this so enjoyable, thank you for allowing us to have this adventure.

Thank you all!
Love, Isabell G. (USA)



Patras – Patras, 13 - 20 August 2022
Alicja - or superwoman –

you have been an incredible host, even detail was perfect, the food you’ve cooked was amazing!

The places where we have stopped were beautiful and we are thankful for your hospitality and for making this week so nice.
Sailing with your family has also been a privilege. Your mom is a great woman, so kind and beautiful grandma.
Your kids are so sweet. Thanos was great as well! And of course Emmanuel the captain has made this one of our best trips!

Thank you! Thank you!
Carlos X. & Solange T. (Italy)



Patras – Patras, 13 - 20 August 2022

We have spent an unforgettable week with your kindness, attention and incredible professionalism.
We hope to return to spend another week soon with all our family.

Thanks for all your kindness,
Veronica L., & Claudio D. (Argentina)



Patras – Patras, 13 - 20 August 2022

Thank you for such a wonderful week! We feel like we got to see Greece unlike most people.
Everything about our time with you was extraordinary, from the beautiful boat, the delicious food, to the great company.

And last but not least, thank you for the yoga lessons in the mornings!

We hope we get to sail with you again soon!
Tim B. & Glenda H. (Alberta, Canada)



Patras – Patras, 20 - 27 August 2022

The trip on the Ionian onboard NICOLAS has been a major part of our 50-th weeding anniversary this year and well worth waiting 50 years for.

Alicja and Captain Mano have been the perfect hostess and host. This was a trip of a lifetime! Wahoo!

Colin T. & Charmaine T. (New Zealand)


Wow – what can we say, The BEST of the BEST! All 12 of us second the above!

T. Family, M. Family & Ma. Family (New Zealand)


What an awesome time we had this week. We feel so appreciative to Alicja for her delicious food, knowledge of the Islands and perfect hostess!
Top notch Emmanuel, cheers for awesome skippering and the Salsa lessons, loved it all!

Tania & Cameron M. (New Zealand)


A thousand thanks for our most awesome holiday aboard NICOLAS. Fabulous in every respect.
Hostess with the mostest, captain Mano taking care of our travels.
Thanks again for all the great locations, knowledge, great fun and the best company. We love Greece!

Best wishes always! Love,
Jenny & John M. (New Zealand)


Thanks a million for this spectacular trip aboard the NICOLAS.
Alicja and Emanuel were so incredible, the best host and skipper anyone could ever ask for.
The food was amazing and we loved our Salsa lessons. Trip of a lifetime!

From the Kids, Monica, Rhiannon, Ashlyn & Mardi M. (New Zealand)


Alicja & Emanuel, skipper and cook-hostess, we the Irish had an amazing lime on the NICOLAS catamaran boat. What an experience!

Would recommend to other family members and friends. Have had a fabulous week with family and Alicja & Emanuel have made it special.
Loved the Greek food prepared by Alicja, with an extra splash or shot after lunch. Loved the Salsa dancing on deck with Emanuel, what an experience!

Thanks for your Greek hospitality!
Lorraine & Vaughn M. (Ireland)



Patras – Patras, 27 August – 03 September 2022
Alicja & Emanuel,

Where do we begin... a trip of a lifetime that exceeded all of our expectations. The scenery, the swim calls, the ports were all fantastic.
Your attention to detail from each meal, every dessert, every little thing was special!
You guys are an amazing team and you made each and every one of us feel very special.

Thank you for the birthday cake too! This trip will live in our memories for a lifetime!

Much gratitude and love,
Alan & Kim M., Claire & Timothy J.,
Chryse & Kevin O., Kathy & Henry E. (NY, USA)



Patras – Patras, 03 - 10 September 2022

It is difficult to describe in words how wonderful this journey through the Ionian islands with Alicja and Captain Emanuel has been!

The natural beauty of the land and sea, the outstanding dishes prepared and presented by Alicja, the skill of Captain Emanuel and the fellowship and humour of all aboard, created a wealth of timeless memories!
Sue and I feel truly blessed to have had this time on the NICOLAS and look forward to many return visits.

Thank you all!
Antony & Susan F. (USA)



Patras – Patras, 03 - 10 September 2022

This was a trip of a lifetime, and we feel so blessed to have made. It exceeded any and all expectations.

Captain Emanuel was fabulous, Salsa lessons and all! Alicja is a true gem, great food, I only hope I can replicate some of the fabulous recipes.
The beauty there is “off the charts” so to speak. What we never expected what to meet the best ship mates on the silands!

Until next time!
Julie & David K. (USA)



Patras – Patras, 03 - 10 September 2022

We are so happy that we added this sailing to our week vacation, we could not of expected anything more.

Alicja’s talent in the kitchen has surpassed our expectations.
We enjoyed Captain Emanuel’s stories and we are grateful to you both for this amazing experience.

We feel blessed to also have met such a wonderful group of people and hope one day to sail again with Anko Yachting.

Ted & Cathleen M. (USA)



Patras – Patras, 03 - 10 September 2022

When we booked this “1st” trip of a lifetime, Bob and I could never have imagined how remarkable and outstanding it would be, words cannot express how blessed we feel to have met such wonderful shipmates!

Our Captain Emmanuel and our Host Alicja made this experience one we will remember and rave about all our lives, and we most definitely hope to sail with Anko again!
Alicja, thank you so much for your warm welcome each morning and your sharing of your thoughtful perspectives.

Until we meet again!
Karen & Bob G. (USA)



Patras – Patras, 10 - 17 September 2022

Our second adventure with NICOLAS and her wonderful crew. Alicja you are second to none!
We loved our week just as much as last year cruise. Your sunny personality and expertise in the kitchen kept us smiling everyday.

Captain Emanuel was a great guy and an expert Salsa dance teacher too!
Sail the Caribbean and we will join you for another beautiful adventure.

Thank you!
Angie J. & Paul W. (UK)



Patras – Patras, 10 - 17 September 2022

We’ve been dreaming of coming to Greece for years, nearly scheduled a tour that took place on land. I cannot imagine experiencing Greece that way.
On the water is the only way to truly feel the country, the sea, the islands, the weather, the people. We experienced and felt the ancient history while being treated as 5 star celebrities with every modern convenience. Each day was perfect, weather, swimming, food, being with friends and making new-ones. Alicja is amazing to watch, an exquisite chef & strong sailor. Her love of Greece sailing is contagious. You may have to buy another boat and hire more crew as I will become your biggest promoter to friends and family! Thank you for making the first “big” trip of our lives the absolute Best!

Tom & Lonna P. (FL, USA)



Patras – Patras, 10 - 17 September 2022

Have never been on a small cruise like this before and had a blank canvas as to what to expect. Exceeded all expectations.
In fact, the only way to see Greece. We’ve travelled a bit far but it was amazing.

We were blessed with great weather and together with Alicja’s brilliant cooking we had a fantastic time.

Alicja was the perfect host, not only managing the catering but also supplied us with a variety of cocktails at the perfect moments.
We stopped at amazing places, and some really pretty villages.
We were really lucky to have great companions, who while we’de never met them before will remain in our memories as will the whole trip.

Many Thanks!
Bill & Sally W. (UK)



Patras – Patras, 10 - 17 September 2022

What a wonderful week we have had. Our trip was all I could have dreamed of when I searched for small cruises in Greece.
We enjoyed all the villages and swimming spots we stopped at. All of our meals were first rate and I’m glad you published a cookbook.

Even more than the scenery and the cuisine – it is the people and new friendships that we will always treasure.
We can’t thank Alicja and Emanuel enough for all their hard work for all of us this week.

Safe voyages and we hope to return in Greece and visit you again.
Scott & Lynn S. (WI, USA)



Patras – Patras, 17 - 24 September 2022
Dear Alicja and Emanuel,

What a wonderful and unforgettable week with our friends, thanks to you both! Your knowledge of the history in Greece and the Ionian islands, combined with your professionalism and enthusiasm made for us a great adventure. We topped off by Alicja’s kitchen that continuously prepared 5* meals!

Efharisto poli!
Sheryl & Rob T. (Washington DC, USA)


The past week has been a much-needed escape to one of the most beautiful parts of the world.
You made everyday special for us, from food and drink to taking us to incredible swimming areas and villages.
We are so thankful for all your hard work and ability to show us the best areas of your islands.

Thank you for being an incredible host!
Tracey & peter W. (CA, USA)


What a week! How could we have imagined such an amazing experience.
The islands, the villages, the swims and of course all of the boating was just wonderful.

Alicja, you do it all! You manage everything seamlessly and with a smile. Your meals were out of this world. I can’t wait to try to duplicate a few of them! Emanuel, you guided us to all these fantastic stops! We had a great time getting to know you both.

Thank you for such a special week!
Craig & Deb G. (CA, USA)


What can I say? Words can’t describe the “Garden of Eden” you have created for us...
Alicja you are extremely talented and Emanuel such a Captain! It was all beyond expectations!

See you soon!
Dorit A. (USA & Israel)



Patras – Patras, 17 - 24 September 2022
Alicja, Nikos, Emanuel,

Thank you for a lovely week and all your generosity while in our sailing vacation. You are beautiful people living in a spectacular country.

Everything was great – the sailing, the food and wqeather too. I am happy to have met you and spent a week with you.

Best wishes,
David & Marcia F. (USA)


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