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Guest Book 2021
(on S/Cat Evi with captains Dionysis or Antonis or Tom and hostesses Alicia or Lia or Antigoni)

Patras – Patras, 20 - 27 June 2021

The global pandemic and its’ travel and other challenges made this trip challenging on the planning front and in many ways
more enjoying on the experience front. What a treat to visit the Greek Isles on a beautiful boat, with a wonderful warm crew.

From start to finish the trip was top. We feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience this!

We are looking forward to have the spectacular and magical Greek sun shine on us again!!!
Alona, Marty, Sophia, Claire, Brian & Charlotte F. (USA)


Thank you so much for this wonderful trip filled with adventures, especially the amazing cliff jumping! This will definitely be something we remember!

We can’t wait to return to Greece again!
Charlotte, Brian, Claire, Sophia, Alona, Marty F. (USA)



Patras – Patras, 18 - 25 July 2021
Dearest Alicia, Georgia, Dionysis, Adonis, Antigoni & Lia,

What a special week this was for the 3 of us! You have created a truly extraordinary experience!

We loved the food, drinks, companionship and especially your ability to share and express your genuine love for the Ionian islands!
Anko Yachting is an exceptionally well-run organization, and you attract the best crew! With gratitude for the spectacular hospitality!

Warmest Regards!
Gail K. (Illinois, USA)


To the fabulous Captain And crew, thank you for the wonderful week that we will always remember.

The towns, crystal blue sea, fun beaches paled only in comparison to the wonderful crew we had the opportunity to get to know.
Thank you for making our girls getaway so Special!

We will miss you all and look forward to our return. Many hugs!
Anne W. (USA)


Many thanks for a trip I couldn’t even imagined would be so wonderfully run!
Thank you for all the time and attention that made our voyage relaxing and special.

We will return and we will miss you all and EVI.
Mary S. (USA)



Patras - Patras, 25 July - 01 August 2021

What a fantastic holiday! Many thanks to our captain Dionysis First Mate/cook Lia. Also to owners: Thanos and Alicia.

Everyone showed us Philoxenia: friend to a stranger. The daily swimming holes and ports were breathtaking. The food all exquisite.

Our time on Evi made the stresses of life in general and particularly the, (hopefully ending) Covid -19 pandemic slowly , fade away.
Now it is time to leave this fantasy world and return to our reality. Wish we could stay longer...

Hope to see you again...
The E. Family, Fred, Anastasia, Sophia, and Philip, (Tacoma, Washington, USA)



Patras - Patras, 08 - 15 August 2021

Hemos disfrutado muchísmo estas 2 semanas en el catamarán Evi.
Han sido 15 días de desconexión y disfrute con muchar baños en el mas y magníficas e inolvidasles momentos vividos
que seguro que Jamás olvidarenas; desde las aguas azules de la corta de Lefkada las islas de Paxos y Antipaxa, Corfú
(nos ha encantado Kassiopi), las istas de Erikoussa & Ítaca, Fiskardo...

i sin duda repotiemas! Gracias al capitán Tom por su eficiente navegación y especialmente a Alicia, que nos ha hecho
sentimos como en casa, siempre atenta, expliánones cada detalle y su cocina ha sido espectacular.

Muchas gracias. Esperamos consionamente al año 2022 pasa repehr esta vez por las islas de Kefalonia y Zakintos...!!
Carolina y Hugo (Tenerife, España)



Patras - Patras, 08 - 15 August 2021

What can I say about these 2 weeks. From the managing of the cruise with Thanos, always with his advices and good feellings,
and later with Alicia on board, she always made us feel like family during these 2 weeks.
Every day we had a five stars meal prepared with all the love she puts in everything she does.

Our Captain Tom took care about us in every single moment. Can’t wait till next cruise, hopefully, next year!!

Keep in contact and all the love for Anko yachting Family.
Riki and Otman (Spain)



Patras - Patras, 08 - 15 August 2021

Thank you Tom and Alicia for an amazing trip beyond anything we expected. We had an amazing week onboard with you and the other guests.

We will think often of the beautiful waters, the scooter ride in Ithaca and of course the many wonderful memories we made.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.
Shannen & Nicolas (USA + France)



Patras - Patras, 15 - 22 August 2021

It was so fun and memorable to see all these Islands and Swim in water holes.
This will be my favourite trip ever, the crew was really nice and the food was amazing!

The waves splashing on the bow felt really good on a hot day. The water was so clear and warm it was like a dream.

Love, from the S. Family
James, Eva, Jocelyn and James S. (USA)



Patras - Patras, 15 - 22 August 2021

Thank you so much to Leah and Dionysis you were so fun! I loved steering the boat and the food was amazing!
Leah should make a restaurant.

Thanks again for the amazing trip and fun time!
From the Su. Family, Liam, Meghan, Harper & Shea (USA)



Patras - Patras, 22 - 29 August 2021
To Lea and Dionysis,

Thank you very much for the wind time on the boat.

We really enjoyed exploring the Ionian islands over the week with many memories that I am certain will last a long time.

All the best,
Jacqueline M. and Simon A. (Canada)


Thank you Dionysis for showing us this part of the Ionian islands and the beautiful bays we swam in.

Lia, thank you for the amazing food and all the laughs.

We will be trying out all the new recipes and thinking of you.
Tracey F. and Vicken A. (Canada)


Great week thank you both!! And special thanks for the Greek lessons

Aram A. & Alex M., Vicken A. & Babby A. (Canada)


Thank you Lia and Dionysis for the incredible trip! The food was incredibly good and we had such a wonderful time visiting, exploring the Ionian islands.

We will certainly be back! Love,
Alex M. (Canada )


Thank you Lia and Dionysis for an amazing trip! We loved exploring, eating, drinking and #chilling.

Hope to see you again soon!
Annafaye D. and Troy A. (Canada)



Patras - Patras, 29 August - 05 September 2021
Dionysis and Lia,

fun relaxing, and delicious from, start to finish.

Thank you for the attention paid to meeting our needs and requests before we knew the needed.

Timing of food, sailing, swimming, etc allowed us remain relaxed throughout the week.

We especially enjoyed getting to know you, your country, food, humour, and culture.
Thanks for teaching us boating, sailing, and "of course" for patiently answering our endless questions.

Blonde AKA Karen W. & Bob the Sponge AKA Robert W. (Atlanta, USA)



Patras - Patras, 29 August - 05 September 2021

Please visit us when able so we can return the hospitality!
Michael J. (Amelia Island, FL, USA)



Patras - Patras, 29 August - 05 September 2021

The baklava was delicious!!
Xoxo Amy and Barry W. (Jacksonville beach, FL, USA)



Patras - Patras, 29 August - 05 September 2021

What can I say except BIG thank you for the best experience. You gave it your all.

I hope to see you soon again in the very near future.
Geraldine J. (FL, USA)



Patras - Patras, 12 - 19 September 2021

What an amazing, fantastic voyage. I almost forgot that there is a pandemic going on in the world.

Dionysis and Lia looked after our every need with beautiful swimming spots, ports and magnificent food all served with love.

Mary Louise B. (Canada)


The Mystery sail with a variety of ports, beaches and coves. Definitely “DIA” Do it All!
Thanks for the laughs, amazing food and love.

Until we meet again!
Barbarosa B. (Vancouver BC, Canada)


An amazing trip, wonderful hosts.

Many thanks to Dionysis and Lia for a great week.
Ron Alexander S. (Canada)


Better than we could have imagined!
Thanks for your hospitality; great service, amazing experiences and delicous food (the presentation was amazing!).

We would totally recommend you both to our friends and family!

Thank you for the thoughtfulness in baking the birthday Cake for Barbarosa and the celebration you helped make so fun!

Christopher M. & Caterina S. (aka blondie) (West Vancouver, B.C. Canada)



Patras - Patras, 26 September - 03 October 2021
Dionysis and Antigoni,

We had a wonderful time on EVI. Even though we only had few days to sail, we loved the crew, the food, the scenery, and the boat.
A very memorable trip!

Thank you!
Patty and Ken D. (USA)



Patras - Patras, 26 September - 03 October 2021
Dionysis, Antigoni,

Occasionally I have filled pages on books like this on previous voyages but this time I will make an effort to restrain my natural tendencies.

Somehow this trip did just all we had hoped, we were treated exceptionally well and fed like princes and princesses.

Antigone’s efforts easily matched those other number ones cooking delights on other voyages.
She did so with ever present good humour and patience.

Yassu Yassu!
Patti D. (Canada)


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