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Guest Book 2019
(on S/Y Malena with captains Petros or Christos and hostess Nikolina)

Piraeus - Piraeus, 29 September - 6 October 2019

What a tremendous week we have had. It was even better than we dreamed it could be. The yacht was extremely comfortable, the food unbelievably good and the service and care of our crew is what made it so special.

Thank you Petros and Nikolina for giving us memories we will treasure for ever.
Niki and Jim M. (Australia)

Piraeus - Piraeus, 29 September - 6 October 2019

Great sailing, great company and great food, what more could you ask for!

Many thanks,
Ian and Yvonne B. (UK)

Piraeus - Piraeus, 29 September - 6 October 2019
Peter and Nikolina,

Thank you very much for a lovely week on board Malena. Great food, swimming and sailing.

Max and Darren E. (UK-France)

Lefkas - Piraeus, 22-29 September 2019

I’ve had an amazing time with a great bunch of people. Thank you so much to Nikolina who makes the most fantastic food!!! And looked after us so well.

Thanks to Christos as well for a great week’s sail through the Corinthian canal which was wonderful. The snorkelling in the tiny bays was brilliant and there was a lot of fun and laughter on the boat.

Gill B. (UK) xx

Lefkas - Piraeus, 22-29 September 2019

Lovely boat, fantastic food, great swimming with the fishes.

Thank you Christos and Nikolina.
Maria D. (UK)

P.S. And good company and care!

Lefkas – Lefkas, 15-22 September 2019
Petros and Nikolina,

You’ve both helped so much to make our vacation with you such a wonderful one - and you both were absolutely fantastic hosts -

Thank you so much,
Dawn and Robert C. (USA)
P.S. We have a trampoline for sale…

Amazing, amazing, amazing trip!I never thought we would get to do something like this in our lives. Thank you for a wonderful time.
Dawn C. (USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 15-22 September 2019
Petros and Nikolina,

Stormie and I had a wonderful time sailing on the Malena. It is a memory we will take with us for a long time. What a joy! And the food…

Thank you!
Nancy and Stormie W. (USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 15-22 September 2019

To Peter and Nikolina,

Where do I begin, well we had a fantastic week sailing with you and our fellow Americans. Food was just out of this world and our captain was very interesting and very patient with John!

I will never forget this holiday. :)
Liz C. (Ireland)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 15-22 September 2019
To Petros and Nikolina,

Thank you both for a brilliant week. Sailing, catering and service were 10/10. From our initial dealings with Thanos to our docking and return to Lefkada, everything exceeded our expectations. Best holiday ever and we were on our 30th wedding anniversary, so that says it all!

John C. (Ireland)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 8-15 September 2019
Peter and Nikolina,

Thank you so much for the amazing time around the Ionian islands. Nikolina - your cooking was amazing, thank you for your help and assistance. Petros - thank you for taking us to such amazing places. I really came to fall in love with your boat. I’ll make sure to share all the pictures I took.

Thank you both so much,
Olga F. and Jonathan V. (USA)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 8-15 September 2019
Dear Petros and Nikolina,

Thank you for a beautiful week in the Ionian Sea. We had a wonderful time thanks to to your attentive and gracious ways.
Best wishes for a successful rest of the season.

Heather and Kevin T. (USA)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 8-15 September 2019
Petros and Nikolina,

What a wonderful week at sea. Thank you so much for making it such a great experience. I will always remember my first time in Greece sailing. This experience has made me want to do it all over again.
Best wishes for the rest of the season.

Aussie. Aussie. Aussie!
Sandra L. (Australia)

P.S. You‘re welcome for us killing the stowaway bees :)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 1-8 September 2019
Dear Nikolina and Petros,

We all thank you for the wonderful week spent on your yacht. It was an amazing experience for us!
We enjoyed a lot swimming in the secluded bays with clear blue water, discovering new villages every day, sailing faster than wind and more…

Special thank you to Nikolina for great cooking and even sharing her recipes… We all felt welcome in friendly atmosphere onboard and will bring nice memories home.

Stew and Elena M., Marianne and Serguei P.(Canada)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 25 August - 1 September 2019

Thank you captain Petros and Nikolina for a wonderful holiday. We loved staying on your beautiful yacht, captain Petros and what can I say about the food Nikolina! Absolutely fantastic - amazing cocktails and fabulous cuisine!

We have never had such a fabulous holiday before - this was a wonderful experience. The highlight for us was swimming near the boat in amazing bays. The whole trip has been magical!
Kate and Tim I. (UK)

Hello Thanos,
I just wanted to thank your team for a fantastic holiday. Captain Petros took us to some amazing places and Nikolina looked after us so well. Her cooking and care were absolutely of the highest standard.

We enjoyed ourselves so much and would love to return at some point in the future. Please let me know availability and prices for next year.
Many thanks again,
Best regards,
Kate I. (UK)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 25 August - 1 September 2019
Dear Petros and Nikolina,

Thank you for everything … food, wine, sailing, swimming and wonderful hospitality. We truly felt looked after so well!

Stuart and Angela W. (UK)

Lefkas – Lefkas , 18-25 August 2019
What an amazing week! The boat was immaculate and comfortable, the food and drink was delicious, the scenery and sailing unbelievable. But it was you two - Peter and Nikolina - that really made our trip special.

THANK YOU and we hope to be sailing with you again soon.
Hanna P., Courtney G., Anne Hanna M., Any G., Mike H. (USA)

P.S. Peter, you have the flag now, so if you have guests that need it -- Gay it Up!! :)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 11-18 August 2019
To Nikolina and Christos,

Thank you so much for taking care of us for the week. We had a great time. We especially enjoyed sleeping in the bays and jumping off the boat . We loved using the paddle boards and hilariously falling off of them.

We still can’t get over how funny it was when the sardines flew into the dingy. The food was amazing and we will be missing your wonderful cooking and cocktails when we are home. We enjoyed the sailing and the relaxing times.

The boat Malena itself was so lovely and was ideal for the six of us. Overall you have made this holiday one to remember.

Thank you so much for this amazing experience,
Rachel B., Emma W., Conor B. , Lucy G., Nickey B. (Ireland)

Lefkas - Lefkas , 28 July - 04 August 2019

We had a great holiday and would like to thank you for the experience provided through Anko Yachting.

Jan-Henk van K. and Lourdes R. (Netherlands)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 14-21 July 2019

Dear Nicolina and Petros,
This was the vacation of a lifetime for our family. I cannot thank you enough for taking care of us and allowing us to relax as a family. The food… was so amazing and I will remember it for years to come. The beauty of the Ionian Sea is something we will miss.
Thank you all,
Daniel N. (USA)

Dear Petros,
We had a wonderful relaxing time on your beautiful boat. Thanks for being a great captain and making our trip one to remember.
Thank you,
Daniel and Andrea N. (USA)

Dear Nicolina and Petros,
Thank you for making our vacation an unforgettable one! We had a wonderful time on this beautiful boat and we ate the best food!
Thank you for everything,
Andrea N. (USA)

Dear Nicolina and Petros,
Thank you so much! The islands were beautiful and the food was delicious, we are looking forward to staying with you again.
Also, Nikolina we need your recipes! We could not stop eating. Greece is a beautiful place, I will never forget it.
Many thanks,
Natalie N. (USA)
P.S. thanks Petros for letting us stay on your beautiful boat.

Dear Nicolina and Petros,
I have enjoyed our stay on your boat very much. Thank you for sailing us around the Ionian islands.I have had an amazing experience. We went to the most beautiful locations!

The food was wonderful and there was such smooth sailing! I can’t thank yall enough.
Thank you very much!
Taylor N. (USA)

Lefkas - Lefkas , 7-14 July 2019
To Nikolina and Petros,

Thank you so much for a wonderful trip - something we have wanted to do for a very long time. The itinerary was fantastic and the food was superb - more than we ever excepted.

Warmest regards,
Di C. and Stephen T. (UK)

Lefkas - Lefkas , 7-14 July 2019
Thank you to Nikolina and Petros for an amazing trip.

This has been a once in a lifetime journey that we’ll talk about for many, many years. The ports have been outstanding as have the bays for swimming. The food has been amazing and our special birthday meal fantastic.

Thank you for keeping us safe and looking after us on your beautiful yacht.
Allan and Celia K. (UK)

Lefkas - Lefkas , 7-14 July 2019
Nikolina and Petros,

Thank you for an amazing week. We have enjoyed every moment of it. The food has been amazing! Better than in any taverna in Greece!

Each place you have taken us has been beautiful and you have looked after us so well. We will remember this week for the rest of our lives.

Rich and Cath S. (UK)

Lefkas - Lefkas 23-30 June 2019

Thanks for great food, great anchorages, great sailing (!), great swimming and a well looked after boat- with a spotless engine room! Most entertaining anchor dances - of everybody else! Your command of Malena was perfect.

And to Nikolina for unending meals and cocktails.

Thank you captain Petros!
Victoria & Peter H. (Canada)

Lefkas - Lefkas 23-30 June 2019

Thank you so much for taking care of our family. We are very grateful to you both and hope to one day see you again.

Andrew H. (USA)

Lefkas - Lefkas 23-30 June 2019

We had a fantastic week thanks to you both! Great sailing and the perfect spots. For enjoying an idyllic week of swimming and enjoying Nikolina’s fantastic meals. She is very talented! We‘ll be trying to copy her menu and cocktails for a long time to come.

Thank you both for a holiday to remember,
Barbara H. (USA)

Lefkas - Lefkas , 16-23 June 2019

Thank you Petro and Nikolina for the wonderful holiday in the Ionian Sea.

Marian T. & Tony W. (New Zealand)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 16-23 June 2019

Once again I enjoyed the wonderful trip on the Ionian Sea. This year on Malena with Petros and Nikolina.

I am sure you could tell that I loved my time on the yacht and the snorkelling and swimming and diving.

Thank you,
Angela A. (UK)

Lefkas - Lefkas , 16-23 June 2019

Grazie a Pietro e Nikolina, e stato un bellissimo viaggio insieme a persone squisite gracie.

Guglielmo G. & Michela R. (Italy)

Piraeus - Lefkas, 9-16 June 2019
To Petros,

Thank you so much for a wonderful week at sea. We totally enjoyed every minute of it and hope to see you abroad sometime in the future.

Claire and Robert B. (UK)

Piraeus - Lefkas, 9-16 June 2019

We have enjoyed the sailing and your skill and knowledge of the vessel made us feel safe and well taken care of. As one who has been on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico, I know what patience it takes to make it all work!

In addition, I truly enjoyed getting to know you and your love of great music!

We hope to sail with you again!
Sam and Jo M. (USA)

Piraeus - Lefkas, 9-16 June 2019
Dear Peter,

This was a fantastic introduction to your beautiful country! Your wisdom and willingness to share your stories and ideas made this trip so memorable. Thanks for a wonderful week.

Great food and music and the sea. Lots of joy and smiles wherever you go. Have a few beers on us.

See you again…
Come and visit Denver anytime!
Joe and Gloria M. (USA)


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