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Guest Book 2018
(on S/Y Alexandros with captain Fanis & hostess Dimitra or captain Antonis & hostess Maria or captain Fanis & hostess Maria)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 7-14 October 2018
Capt and skip,

Thanks for an adventurous trip aboard Alexandros this past week. I couldn’t leave Greece without seeing your beautiful islands by boat. It was enjoyable to spend it with you guys. When I am back in Greece, I’ll get in touch.

Michael S. (NYC, USA)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 7-14 October 2018

Our second trip but it won’t be the last. We have had a wonderful time. You both made us feel as if this was our  “second home”.

Until next time,
Bob & Janice L. (Canada)

Lefkas – Trizonia, 23-30 September 2018
Antonis and Maria,

Bruce and I want to thank you for our wonderful experience on the Alexandros… Despite the weather change, we have enjoyed our time… Wonderful delicious food (Thank you Maria)!

Antonis you have been a very capable, confident captain. Keep it up!

Hope to travel again.
Bruce & Beverly C. (BC, Canada)

Lefkas – Trizonia, 23-30 September 2018

This was a dream trip for us and although the weather didn’t cooperate, the crew did! You went out of your way to keep us safe and make every moment memorable. Sailing in the middle of the night to pulling into assorted harbors to wait out the weather.

What are the odds - our first sailing trip would be accompanied by a tropical hurricane. Who else gets to do this trip since 1947. Thank you for every memorable moment.

Much love and safe sailing.
Brian & Sue C. (Vancouver, Canada)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 16-23 September 2018

What a fabulous week we had. A BIG thanks to Maria and Antonis for making it so special. We all arrived as strangers, but made friends for life. The 2 of you made our trip so much fun and we truly appreciate all your hard work... we know that it must have been tiring looking after us lot! You did such a great job!

See you soon for the next sailing adventure.
Love,Michaela A. and Jess N. (Botswana and UK)

PS - what’s for lunch Marrria?

Lefkas – Lefkas, 16-23 September 2018

Odyssey trip with Alexandros greeted by Maria and skipper Antonis. For me it was a dream come true to be able to see what I read in my adolescence in Homer epic book. The weather was perfect, I felt secure under Antonis knowledge of the boat, terrain, docking, and ports.

I felt very comfortable by Maria’s easy way of explaining, talking, and showing a thing or two of her cooking skills, and hospitality.

In a nutshell: I loved it! Thank you again for making my vacation become a memorable and joyful one.
Alessandra W. (New York, USA)

PS: Just lucky to make the most amazing friends ever.
PS2: I wish I could be that elegant after drinking that much as my buddies in Australia and Africa

Lefkas – Lefkas, 16-23 September 2018

What a fabulous week we had on Alexandros!! 6 strangers on 1 yacht became a holiday of a lifetime. Antonis & Maria went beyond their duty to look after us. We can honestly say that the cooking done by Maria was some of the best Greek cuisine that we have eaten.

Both Antonis & Maria had a combined wealth of knowledge that was extremely impressive! We would highly recommend this trip to anyone wanting a completely relaxing sailing holiday. We created great memories and made lifelong friendships.

Blessed to have had Antonis & Maria as our hosts.
Simon & Christine B. (Blue Mountains, Australia)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 9-16 September 2018
Maria and Antonis,

Thank you both for a wonderful week at sea! You put on perfect weather for us and Maria’s cooking is just delicious. We will always remember our voyage on the Alexandros, having the yacht to ourselves and loving your company and knowledge of the ionian islands. We loved our secret beach Atokos.

Our very best wishes to you both for the future. xx
Chris G. & Peter G. (Australia)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 26 August - 2 September  2018
Fanis and Dimitra,

Thank you so much for the wonderful week we have experienced with you. So many beautiful places, tasty amazing food and great company. Not much more I can say.

Thank you so so much.
Sonia S. (WA, Australia)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 26 August - 2 September  2018
Dimitra and Fanis,

Thanks for a fantastic time and some very tasty meals. We had a wonderful time.

Geoffrey T. (WA, Australia)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 26 August - 2 September  2018
Dear Fanis and Dimitra,

Thank you for an awesome week. Food was amazing!! Locations were stunning!! Company was great!

Tracy A., Patty C., Mario C. (Melbourne, Australia)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 19-26 August 2018
Fanis and Dimitra,

Thank you for your care and expertise for our wonderful trip! Fanis you are an excellent skipper! We appreciated your knowledge and professionalism. We always felt safe in your care.

Dimitra, you are a wonderful host! Thank you for the wonderful drinks and the amazing lunches and breakfasts! Now we have to go home and cook for ourselves!! We will miss your delicious food.

We wish you every happiness in your future. Thank you for working so hard for us!

Milise mou moro mou!
David S. & Denise R. (Victoria, Canada)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 19-26 August 2018

Wow! We loved our first yachting adventure!

Swimming was exceptional! Fanis and Dimitra were so very welcoming and wonderful!  We would recommend this trip to everyone! Thank you very very much! We will always remember our days in Greece with big smiles!

Candy & Terry N. (USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 19-26 August 2018
Dimitra and Fanis,

What a memorable week! We never imagined we would sail the Ionian Sea and really never imagined that it would be on such a comfortable, beautiful boat, with our such expert and friendly crew. Being able to relax while watching you both working together to manage anchoring, docking  etc. was such a treat.

We will remember the fantastic lunches, special cocktails, fresh bakery bread at breakfast and so much more. Great choices of beaches and harbors and thanks for ordering beautiful weather. It will be cold back in British Columbia.

Thanks so much for a fantastic holiday!!
Bill & Glenda H. (Victoria, BC, Canada)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 12-19 August 2018
Dear Dimitra and Fanis,

Thank you for such a wonderful week sailing the Ionian sea. We couldn’t have asked for a better crew to introduce us to sailing or a better location. We have so many highlights , but some of them include:
- each bay cove and beach we stopped to swim
- the thunderstorm!
- amazing food (special thanks Dimitra for getting our kids to eat and enjoy octopus)
- plenty of card games-snorting with laughter (Fanis with an “Th”)
- very entertained by Ty’s nude antics in the sea - and of course “Harbor Drama” episode one!!

Much love and thanks to you all. We shall be back.
Keren, Paul, Noah, Tia, Indi & Ty N. (Australia, UK)

Thanks for the Vodka in the middle of the night!
P.S. I am 10 years old! I will miss you and nudity swims.
Ty N. (Australia, UK)

Thank you Dimitra for cooking when I wasn’t eating! And Fanis for teaching me to sail and getting the anchor!
Noah N. (Australia, UK)

Thank you for everything you have done for us!
Indi N. (Australia, UK)

Thank you for putting up with my crazy family! I had lots of fun!
Tia N. (Australia, UK)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 29 July - 5 August 2018
To Maria and Fanis,

Thanks so much for a super holiday! I loved every minute. Thanks for all the wonderful memories and peaches eaten! You have made our experience very relaxing and enjoyable and don’t want to leave!

I will especially miss Maria’s food, the boat drama and Fanis’s knot tying lessons.

Beth H. (UK)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 29 July - 5 August 2018
To Maria and Fanis,

Thanks so so much for making this holiday perfect! We all enjoyed every bit of it and made lots of memories! I especially enjoyed Maria’s cooking and when Fanis towed us in the sea with a rope! We will miss you both and the boat drama!

Kate H. (UK)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 29 July - 5 August 2018
To Maria and Fanis,

Thank you so much. This holiday was amazing! We all loved every single bit of it and we made lots of special memories! I loved Maria’s food and Fanis teaching me so much about marine engineering.

We will never forget this holiday,
Jack H. (UK)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 29 July - 5 August 2018

Thanks Fanis and Maria for looking after us well this week. We had never been on a yacht before, so we were a little nervous and didn’t know what to expect. You made us feel very safe and welcome from the first day until the last one.

Maria, it was great to have you around all day smiling and telling us stories and of course cooking us some amazing food.
Fanis, you made us feel very safe and comfortable on board. We appreciated how careful you are at making sure everything was done properly and our safety was your priority. You also made sure you took us to the best swimming spots in Greece!

We can’t thank you both enough. his was our first but definitely not our last sailing experience!

Harry and Carolina H. (UK)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 22-29 July 2018

What an amazing week! Our crew, Fanis and Dimitra, better known as Finest and Cinderella (long story) were amazing. The boat, the ports we went to, swimming in the bays, and the sailing lessons were great. And the food… Fantastic!

We had a fantastic week and are sad to be going home. Hopefully will be back for another adventure.

Peggy F. and Roelof Z. (CH, USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 22-29 July 2018

“A ship in a harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are made for”

Thanks for expanding our horizons - sharing your country, food, customs and beautiful waters. “Finest” and “Cinderella” made our adventure extra special and they are not just our crew. They are our friends!

John H. & Carol U. (USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 15-22 July 2018
Thanks to Dimitra and Fanis…our crew.

Charming, talented and even vigilant – we always felt safe, informed, pampered and often amused. It was such a pleasure to share histories and dreams and we wish that all of yours come true.

Christine C., Lynne M. and Tony B. (NYC, USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 8-15 July 2018

Thank you for helping to make this such a wonderful week. We have loved it all!
- the beautiful places we have visited
- the gorgeous bays for swimming (even the cold water!)
- the “harbor drama”
- the fantastic food lovingly prepared by Dimitra
- Fanis’s fab cocktails
- the sailing…and relaxing…
… it’s been great!

Thank you Fanis and Dimitra.
Tracey, John, Finley and Evie T. (UK)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 1-8 July 2018

What a wonderful week! Sailing the Ionian was so beautiful and fun - we wish we didn’t have to leave the Alexandros. Thank you for being a great crew, making sure our glasses were never empty, and that our anniversary was extra special.

Yamas! Fair winds and following seas,
Meghann G. & Graham McD. (USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 24 June - 1 July 2018

Maria, Maria, Maria… Ela! The sound of a wonderful week on the Ionian sea. Thanks for the fun times and the food. The fishing was great (so many fish!). Marlin every night!

See you next time.
Sam L. & Flick S. (Victoria, Australia)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 24 June - 1 July 2018

Sailing was great - max 30 miles in a day. Look at how much diesel we saved you! Fanis…weather? Well, last two days were amazing but who can control that? Food - better that any Greek restaurant we have eaten at. Scenery - just beautiful. Glad we have seen the Ionian sea before it is wall to wall with yachts.

Thanks Fanis and Maria,
Alison & Jack P. (Victoria, Australia)

Piraeus – Lefkas, 17-24 June 2018

Thank you for a wonderful week and all the good Greek food! You both made this a very special week for us!
Ulla L. (Sweden)

Thank you so much for a lovely week on the boat! It was beautiful, relaxing and a great experience. And great food!
All the best,
Johanna L. (Sweden)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 10-17 June 2018

Thank you for the incredible adventures. Loved exploring the Greek islands with a wonderful crew. We had the time of our lives!
Thanks for everything,
Mitch P. (Fayetteville, GA, USA)

Thank you so much for an awesome week! We loved every part of it. You guys made it perfect.
Thanks again,
Caroline B. (Fayetteville, GA, USA)

Cannot thank you enough for the best week ever! It was more beautiful and more fun than I ever could have dreamed! You all made it a perfect and relaxing adventure!
Meghan P. (Fayetteville, GA, USA)

We are beyond grateful for your hospitality, generosity and great fun that allowed us to have a wonderful vacation! The sailing, food and exploration on islands allowed the perfect balance of fun and relaxation. We are counting down the days until we return!
Ashley B. (Fayetteville, GA, USA)

Thank you so much for an amazing week! We had so much fun! You guys made it the best vacation and we would love to come again. The food was amazing!
Thank you!
Jacqueline B. (Fayetteville, GA, USA)

What an incredible trip! We really appreciated the extra adventures! Looking forward to a return trip.
Mich P. (Fayetteville, GA, USA)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 3-10 June 2018

YAMASTE! Maria and Antonis,
Thank you so much for an amazing and memorable experience. We could not have asked for a more perfect trip!
Kira McG. (San Diego, CA, USA)

Sorry for coming to the party late but you guys made it worth it! Your service and the islands were amazing along with the cooking and sailing! I loved it all!
Abbi H. (San Diego,USA)

Maria and Antonis,
Thank you for a great vacation sailing the Greek islands. It was a dream come true trip! Maria, your food was AMAZING! I can’t wait to try some of the recipes at home.
Antonis, thanks for letting Jim learn more about the yacht and help do things. The recommendations of places to go and see were great and made each island memorable. We will always remember you and the special week we shared with you on the yacht!
Jim & Bianca B. (USA)

Maria and Antonis,
Thank you for the amazing week sailing with Margaret and Seamus. We had so much fun! Please take care of my unicorn.
Kelley C. (USA)

Maria and Antonis,
Thank you so much for an amazing week sailing around the saronic islands. Sailing with you both was like having two extra friends along for the adventure.
Adrienne H. (TN, USA)

Maria and Antonis,
Many thanks for the good times and endless memories!
Jose E. (USA)

Oh my God!!! I had the best of times with you guys at the helm and at the stove cooking amazing grub!!! Thank you!
Virgena R. (San Diego,USA)

Maria and Antonis,
Thank you for the life long fun and awesome memories!
Jim B. (USA)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 27 May - 3 June 2018

A fantastic and wonderful voyage around the islands. Beautiful and attractive seas and warm nights all added together to produce the perfect experience of Greece. The crew are lovely and friendly. They did everything they could to provide us with care and service.

Dimitra’s food was always excellent and she surprised us daily with her meals. Fanis was a great skipper and lots of fun. Antonis always informed and kept a running commentary of the sea and islands.

Thank you for a wonderful time.
Paul R. and Maree G., (Sandy Bay, Tasmania, Australia)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 20-27 May 2018

Thank you for a wonderful week! Everything was just perfect. Most importantly, the crew, Fanis, Dimitra and Antonis were very nice and attentive. Our yacht Alexandros, beautiful and sparkling clean; delicious and varied food; wonderful surroundings. Best week ever. Hoping to come with you again!

Olga S. (Poland)


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