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Guest Book 2018
(on S/Y Velos with captain Antonis & hostess Maria or captain Thanos & hostess Dimitra or sometimes captain Thanos, hostess Alicia, little Nicolas, baby Georgia, Dimitra and Maria!)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 7-14 October 2018

This was our first trip with Anko but certainly not our last - we have just booked for a return week in June 2019. As sailors ourselves we really appreciated this beautiful yacht and how well you have everything arranged. We learned a lot from you about sailing techniques and we look forward to learning more next year.

The meals prepared by Dimitra were out of the world and the whole atmosphere aboard was very special indeed. We learned to say “Yamas” in Greek and taught you to say “Le Chaim” in Hebrew!

Carol & Simon G. (Modiin, Israel)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 7-14 October 2018
Thanos and Dimitra, 

This is the last day of our first trip to the Greek islands - thank you so much for making this week such a wonderful experience. Your hospitality, knowledge of this part of the world and of course the food have been superb! We are sorry to see our week end!

We may be leaving Greece behind but we are taking with us wonderful memories - the beautiful ports (Hydra was our favorite), the secluded bays (with the cold swims :)), lots and lots of great photos and a fun afternoon with the string game – to name a few.

We are hoping to come back again and wish you many years of happy sailing!
Cory & Holli P. (Rabun Gap, Georgia, USA)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 30 September - 7 October 2018

We have dreamed of this type of trip for years, but little did we imagine we would spend our 40th anniversary on the seas of Greece in a lovely ship with lovely people. Being pampered beyond our wildest dreams!

The food was amazing - Maria is a marvel in the kitchen. Phil loved the sailing… and that is putting it mildly!!

Thank you for a wonderful vacation!
Phil & Mary F. (Michigan, USA)

Lefkas – Piraeus, 23 September- 7 October 2018

Once again, a wonderful, exciting and adventurous time aboard the Velos!

Week 1 with Thanos and Dimitra
An interesting addition to the weather plan, in which we traveled for 7 and a half hours in a cyclone, the first in ten years in Greece. Then 4 days in tiny Trizonia waiting out the hurricane/cyclone.

Fortunately, we still had week 2 to navigate the Corinthian canal. Thanks to Alicia for taking us in your lovely home for a day, feeding us some of your spectacular meals and meeting your lovely children.

Week 2 with Antonis and Maria
You are a lovely pair, always smiling and helpful. We truly enjoyed meeting and getting to know you. And hope you do visit us in Florida.

Judi & Steve G. (Clermont, Florida, USA)

P.S. Hail Trizonia! Jimmy - you chicken out on a stormy weather!

Lefkas – Piraeus, 23-30 September 2018

The good ship Velos with the courageous captain Thanos and his fabulous crew Dimitra. Thank you for making our first trip through a Grecian humcare fun. Nothing was too hard. We will be back! Crew and fellow travelers were so much fun!

Graham & Lynn B. (Miranda, Australia)

Lefkas - Lefkas & Lefkas - Trizonia, 16-30 September 2018
To the Merry Crew of the Velos,

What can I say?!!

Perhaps an Adventure is seldom if ever comfortable, but in between various “adventures” you have labored mightly to make it so and I am not kidding about that either… sure I almost drowned in the “inland lake” or Pitt of Doom (see a page or two back) and then became the laughing stock of the entire boat for the rest of the voyage.

And yes we did sail into the heart of the first hurricane to hit the Aegean in several thousand years (“Zeus must be angry with you, Jim” were Thanos’s prophetic words - he must have insulted the oracle at Delphe?).

Nevermind we’ve been stuck here on the tiny island of Trizonia or as the Greek version of Gilligan’s Island for weeks or so it seems only really 3 and a half days) because of the above mentioned Hurricane (sardonically or ironically or sarcastically named Zorbas). Well it has been memorable as in scarred in my memory forever.

After all that and more (the more part is that it reminded me very much of  my (our) honey moon camping in the soggy campgrounds of Europe many years ago - yes almost the perfect book-end one might say… The Honey Moon From Hell it is how I am kindly referred to now).

I can say the Velos has become quite literally our refuge from the storm (it is raining like crazy right now with no let up in sight...) and our happy Kapitain Thanos; loyal first mate Dimitra have labored mightly to make our unending hours onboard as happy and comfortable as the uncomfortable circumstances provide. My wife (see Honey Moon From Hell) has also done her best to keep spirits high even though somewhat disappointed that I survived the Pitt of Death, depriving her of the large $$$$$ insurance settlement she was imagining. Aw, well, as I am running out of room all I can say is...

All’s well that ends well… we will see…
Chin Chin,

Jim D.  (Seattle, USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 16-23 September 2018
Thanos and Ms Dimitra,

We came back because you are the BEST! Thank you for a wonderful and fun trip! Food is always great! Sorry to have missed LADY / A !

The best,
Bill & Karen E. (Seattle, USA)

Thanos and Dimitra,
The camaraderie, laughters, travel stories and FOOD were all the best ever. We have been more relaxed this week than have been in quite awhile. We will relish these memories when the winter snow starts in Seattle. Can’t wait to make Greek Dishes at home…. Ala Dimitra and Alicia :)

P.S. Hi Alicia and little ones! Missed you!
Karen E (Seattle, USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 16-23 September 2018

What a fabulous week again, with dear friends and new ones. An adventure in a bay that has to be brought to life on a whole page!
(…… guestbook page following with drawings, dialogues and a lot of Corrina’s imagination)

- An inland lake? What the *@!? (said the Brit who was incapacitated in the Kayak)
- There is no rope! (his dear countrymen said)
- Where are the insurance documents? (his dear wife said)
- Not those shoes. His flipflops! (said the lead rescuer)
- I’m coming to save you! ( said the Swiss cardiologist who won a rescue award over 40 years ago)
- Get the camera! (said the captain)
- I need a glass of wine (said who?)

(for the whole story, ask your crew)
“I was never terrified but very very concerned as to how long I could tread water and the semi-efficiency of my resquers” - Jim

In 15 years Jim is the only passenger Thanos and the guests have ever had to rescue. We salute you Jim!

-Very deep inland lake.
Corrina T. (Bucks, UK)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 16-23 September 2018

Thank you so much for a wonderful week on your beautiful boat! We had such a great time with our wonderful fellow guests and were so well taken care off by you (Thanos) and Dimitra :)
It could not have been any nicer!

Thanks a lot and a big hug!
Susy & Thomas S. (Montpelier, Switzerland)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 09-16 September 2018

Fabulous week, we had an exceptional time. What a great cook and hostess Dimitra is. Well done!

The Macca’s
Hayoln & Kerry McA. (Booragoon, Western Australia)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 09-16 September 2018

We agree! Fabulous time and great company! You looked after us really well.

Jill M. & Bernard P. (North Adelaide, S. Australia)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 2-9 September 2018

This past week was our second cruise on the Velos. We first sailed back in 2010 to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary and enjoyed an outstanding week of sailing and great lunches (Thank you Alicia! ) and, of course the company of new found friends.

Returning to the Velos this year was every bit as wonderful as the first time. To be able to meet Thanos and Alicia’s children, Nicholas and Georgia, made the reunion even sweeter.  Tomorrow we will disembark from the Velos for the second time, with as many good memories and new found friends as our first time.

Antonis and Maria have been wonderful hosts.
Antonis’s sailing skills helped us feel safe and secure at all times. He chose some beautiful coves for us to swim in and enjoy the warm September Ioanian waters.
Maria’s breakfasts were great, her lunches were magnificent!! It was like sailing in a 5 star restaurant! They both worked so hard to make the week magical for all of us.

We will be sorry to leave tomorrow but will carry with us such great memories of our time on the Velos cruise.

We can’t wait to come back again!!!
Tony & Sue F. ( Richmond, Virginia, USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 2-9 September 2018

Departing the Velos after a fabulous week. Taking wonderful memories and new friendships with us.

Thank you for the memories,
Becky B. & Joe K. (Ventura, CA, USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 2-9 September 2018

Wow! Marvelous! Fantastic! Wonderful! What a great time we’ve had in the beautiful picturesque Greek Islands. Thank you, Antonis and Maria, for everything, you have been amazing. The food has been incredible, better than any of the restaurants we went to.

Carol & Hilary O. (CA, USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 2-9 September 2018

From start to finish the whole thing was perfect. Antonis and Maria looked after us so well. The sailing was amazing and so much fun and to sit and watch the sails flying was magical. We met some lovely people on our yacht and new friendships have been made.

Maria, you are a little treasure and how you managed to feed us all every day with so many tasty dishes, amazed me. Thank you so much!

We can’t wait to come back.
Carol & Jeff S. (West End, UK)

- Skip thanks for letting me “drive” the boat!!!!
Jeff S. (West End, UK)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 26 August- 2 September 2018

Tomorrow we are leaving the yacht, 8 Icelanders, after one week travel with our wonderful hosts Antonis and Maria. This has been a wonderful trip.

Especially we have to point out the wonderful dishes surprising us every time. The drinks were also elegant and tasty. We had the opportunity to visit different places, either to visit or to take a swim in the sea. Everything was under a good control the whole time.

Also we enjoyed very much the precious moments when we were able to put up sails and some of us had the chance to steer the yacht. Thank you very much for your nice and positive attitude.

See you again in Iceland!
Gisli S., Thorunn P., Gudmundur K., Oscar A., Margaret G., Audur E., Kristin T., Thorsteinn H.
(Kopavogur, Reykjavik, Iceland)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 19-26 August 2018

Second cruise with Anko Yachting. Once again a very special week that will remain with me for ever. Antonis and Maria “Just The Best!”
George G. (Runaway Bay, Australia)

Second time round… feeling 20 years younger again! One more cruise with Anko and I will be back into my 20’s! What a pleasure - Maria and captain Antonis - we hope to see you both again. We’ll miss the fabulous food, Maria and Antonis’s quiet calm authority and knowledge - but don’t cross Antonis when he is making a mooring in a busy port! Lol!!!
Wendy G. (Gold Coast, Australia)

First cruise – just wonderful. Loved every moment. Great captain and first mate. Will spread the word at home.
Thank you,
Dianne C. ( Gold Coast, Australia)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 5-19 August 2018

It’s very difficult to put into words all of the experiences we’ve had in two weeks with the Anko Yachting Family. From day 1 we felt like we’d made the right choice, but day by day we’ve gotten even more than we had expected.

Thanos and Dimitra in our first week of sailing were examples of professionalism, teamwork and high stardards in every moment.

Maria and Antonis, such an endearing team, have at every moment done an excellent job: Antonis and his mastery of the boat, Maria and her excellent cooking, always always served with her permanent smile.

We threaten to return - Otman especially for that “magic fridge” at “beer o’clock”!

A big hug from Pili R. & Otman E. (Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 12-19 August 2018

Velos has been our third sailing boat charter trip and what we always look for is a safe relaxing trip - that everything goes well. With Antonis and Maria we had that, and so much more.

Despite his youth, Antonis’s calm and confidence at every moment has been incredibly impressive. For Maria’s part - she was prepared for every request, every meal was spectacular and the boat was kept beautifully.

We’ve had incredible destinations, starry night views, the most beautiful crystal waters, many many laughs with the Canary-Mexican crew of guests. We would come back without a doubt!

Thank you very much for everything.
Carol D. & Hugo P. (Canary Islands, Tenerife, Spain)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 12-19 August 2018

Thank you to Maria, Antonis and Anko Yachting for a week that exceeded every expectation!

I won’t forget the islands, the water, the incredible meals, or the truly exceptional level of service -no difficulty (a lost oar, sunken fins, a dysfunctional dinghy motor, an impossibly tight slip) was a problem for you guys, it’s been so impressive.

After this week, the Ionian Sea and its islands are now one of my favorite places in the world. I’ll carry only good memories from Velos, its crew, y mis companeros canarios.

Laura B. (Mexico City, Alabama, USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 5-12 August 2018

I had a cabin shared in Yacht “Velos”. The hospitality, food and everything the crew did were in a high level. They always tried for the best. Thus, the experience was amazing and unforgettable.

Dimitra and Thanos thank you! I am looking forward to see you again! I highly recommend you to sail with Anko Yachting!!

Sincerely yours,
George M. (Vironas, Athens, Greece)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 5-12 August 2018

We have left Velos having made some wonderful new friends and shared fantastic Greek sunshine days with them and the crew - Thanos and Dimitra.

Also some special evenings of drinking, eating, laughing and some more drinking (Nick, George, Otman, Pili)

Thank you all of you for making our week a super experience and laid back cruise, made especially good with Dimitra’s delicious lunches. Going home more chilled (and a little heavier!)

Best wishes,
Chris & Ian P. (York, UK)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 29 July - 5 August 2018

Tom and I had an absolute lovely time! We had never done anything like this before and our expectations were well exceeded. Our first time in Greece, and cruising the Ionian sea was a perfect combination to sample a taste of different areas!

A big thank you to you Dimitra for all the wonderful drinks and meals you prepared for us! Everything was so good! We are going to miss having such scrumptious lunches every day!

Thanos, what can we say? Every day was a perfect day! Thank you for taking us to places we would have never known about. We especially loved the little cantina on the beach and the taverna on the beach! And who knew you would take us next to the “richest man in Europe” ‘s yacht for a swim! Ha ha!

We could go on and on! The Velos is a beautiful sailing ship and you are a wonderful captain. We are so grateful that we were able to have this experience - so thank you! We will always have lasting memories! And we very much enjoyed sharing this trip of a lifetime with our new friends!

Tom & Judy M. (Lionsville, Indiana, USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 29 July - 5 August 2018

We took this amazing vacation with you seven years ago and said we would return if we ever had the chance.

Thanos, you exceeded our expectation from last time. The Velos is a beautiful yacht and very comfortable. The meals were absolutely delicious and our boys now 16 and 13, enjoyed the trip again. They remember the first time with you and Alicia.
Dimitra did a wonderful job preparing many of Alicia’s dishes and supplementing the day with her secret drinks.

We have more than a lifetime of memories with you, but we hope it won’t be another 7 years before we have the opportunity to sail with you again.

Thank you so much for an incredible vacation.
Andrew, Ginger, Stefan, Kristian M. (Bonita Springs, Florida, USA)

I will definitely come back when I am older and I would recommend this trip to any of my friends!
:) Kristian M. (Bonita Springs, Florida, USA)

It was awesome last time, it was awesome this time, I know it will be awesome next time!
Stefan M. (Bonita Springs, Florida, USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 29 July - 5 August 2018

Dear Thanos,
Bruno and I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for this amazing trip. We have appreciated your knowledge and insights on all the idyllic locations. We have been able to experience the Ionian Islands through your eyes and we are extremely grateful! We would definitely recommend this trip to all our family and friends!
Again thank you xx

Dear Dimitra,
This trip would not have been the same without your support throughout the adventure. We especially love the amount of effort you have put into the lunches each day. The food was amazing and so were the drinks that you wouldn’t share the recipes for!!! Thank you for your happy and positive personality. You and Thanos make a great team.

Thank you! xx
Kind regards,
Margaret & Bruno C. (Melbourne, Australia)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 22-29 July 2018

We had dreamt of an adventure like this - sailing, swimming, exploring the Greek islands for many years. Thank you for helping make our dream come true! What an exciting trip!

Thank you Antonis and Maria! And a special thank you to Maria for making a delicious cake to celebrate Barry’s 60th birthday and creating a special celebration. We will always remember. Wonderful to celebrate together with you and our new friends on Velos!

Much Thanks,
Wendy S. & Barry G. (NYC, USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 22-29 July 2018
Dear Antonis and Maria,

Thank you for a wonderful week in the Ionian Sea. Everything was perfect! We sailed with Velos last year also - this year was just as good and wonderful!

Antonis, you are the perfect captain - thanks a lot for your flexibility and that you let us see several new places compared to last year. Maria, you are the perfect hostess - the food was just as good as last year - if not even better! The food on the boat is actually one of the reasons we decided to make a cruise this year too! It was also fun to make new friends!

Thanks for everything!
Hakan & Sonja D. (Jarfalla, Sweden)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 22-29 July 2018

For us this sail has been a dream in the making for two years. And it did not disappoint! Words do not begin to describe the beauty, serenity, relaxed environment this sail provided and created for us - it was beyond amazing, far exceeding our expectations.

The experience, the ports of call, the swimming bays were far above what we even imagined. And the meals Maria prepared for us, so so delicious, everything was wonderful giving us a wonderful experience of Mediterranean cuisine. And her hospitality going to the extra effort of making a birthday cake for one sail member to celebrate his birthday. Thank you so much Maria.

And some of the tight spots Antonis placed the boat, awesome seamanship. Thank you all for giving us such a dream fulfilling week on Velos.

Thank you so much!
Heike & Bill W. (Portland, OR, USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas,  15-22 July 2018

Every day is an adventure - well we just loved seven. Little rewards in a busy busy life. Relived beautiful memories from 13 years ago and hope to repeat later from my wheelchair. Kids were feted and enjoyed by a marvelous young team. Fueled by fantastic food (thanks Maria) and Antonis a clever captain - we’ve had a great time.

“go raibh míle maith agat mo chara Aguiar an bóthar leat”
Borney, Linda, Eoin, Anna McA. (Battenn Bay, NSW, Australia)

Thank you guys so so much! You guys (Maria and Antonis) are such great people. See you when you come to Australia!
Eoin McA. (Battenn Bay, NSW, Australia)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 08-15 July 2018

I know it sounds strange, but a wonderful way to end our summer. We enjoyed sailing through so many islands to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.

We loved the beautiful coves we stopped to swim. The water was so clear and the colors were beautiful. We even explored the caves as Mike convinced me to do something I would never do! It was worth it! We loved the hikes to the lighthouse and basilica. I was amazed at the pine trees on the islands.

We loved the fantastic meals that Maria prepared. We ate many dishes that we never would have tried, because of her beautiful presentations. They were excellent.

Antonis was a fantastic captain bringing us to caves and coves that we would never have discovered otherwise. Thank you for a fantastic trip that far exceeded our expectations! We will miss both of you!

Thanks for the memories!
Bev & Mike P. (Gilbert, AZ, USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 1-8 July 2018

As I begin to write this, I feel a cool breeze blow across my face. The sun is on my face, coffee is hot and there is a sense of contentment, lots of happy memories and a tinge of sadness as we leave the Ionian Islands to head home.

Lefkada, Meganisi, Kalamos, Ithaca, Kephalonia, pebbled beaches, blue waters, fish in the sea, fish on plates, souvlakia, tzatziki, swimming, sleeping, middle of the day heat and humidity, late afternoon breezes, cafes, days of yachting under sail, steep hillsides, playing into the sea, little island villages and incredibly hospitable people. People talk about the South Pacific being like Paradise. I beg to differ, its here in the Ionian, among these islands with these people.

Antonis and Maria were incredible. Antonis was a marvelous captain, taking us around the islands and stopping at great beaches. Maria was an amazing cook, preparing a wonderful menu for some very picky plates. Excellent! 5 stars! Whole hearted recommend this!

Nicholas T. (USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 1-8 July 2018

The end of a delightful week of yachting! It was a new experience in many ways. The first for Greece, the first for Ionian and rocky beaches and the first for yachting. All will be done again - and a huge thank you to Antonis and Maria for the amazing views, interesting conversations about Greece, wonderful food and differing towns and swimming experiences.

The food was a challenge for you Maria - 2 gluten free, 2 dairy free, 1 soy free, 1 almond free - you were the best! Your ability was outstanding!!! Antonis, I loved the jumping caves - take everyone! They were a blast! Good luck to you both, you have given us  such memories!

Deb T. (USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 24 June - 1 July 2018
Dear Thanos and Dimitra,

Grateful thanks for your warmth, generosity and hospitality, we’ve had a fabulous week on the Velos. The sailing and islands have been wonderful and we especially enjoyed the extra night on Meganisi. I never thought that we would be returning guests but as leaving today we are already thinking of a return. Maybe in the Caribbean.

Lovely also to meet our travelling yacht mates Eleanor, Sherry and Izzy. Please send our love to Alicia and the little ones.

Fondest thoughts from Alison & Alan C., Matt S. & Ellie B. (Suffolk, UK)
P.S. Tell people to be careful jumping off the caves!

Lefkas – Lefkas, 01-08 July 2018

The end of a beautiful seven days cruising the Ionian islands with Thanos and Dimitra. We planned this trip for over two years researching, saving money, talking to folks, getting ideas. This trip exceeded all of our expectations!

We especially appreciated the flexibility of Thanos, being willing to let us stay out until the last minute and finding two places for our 15 year old to jump off natural cliffs. And of course-the food was exceptional! A mix of Greek and Moroccan foods, expertly cooked and beautifully served.

All in all, a MARVELOUS trip.

Thank you all so much!!
Eleanor N.  Cheryl S. & Izzi S. (Rochester, NY, USA)

Piraeus – Lefkas, 17-24 June 2018
Thanos, Alicia and Dimitra,

Thanks so much for a lovely week of sailing and for all the wonderful sights we’ve seen. All the great food and hospitality and the gorgeous cocktails too - so many things! We really love those islands!
Last but not least, meeting your beautiful children, Nicolas and Georgia.

Dolores & Noel L. (Dublin, Ireland)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 10-17 June 2018
Antonis and Maria,

Thank you for making this “trip of a lifetime” so very special for us. We came here to chase a dream and celebrate the 60th birthdays of Paul and Gregg. Somehow you made this a personalized island adventure that made us feel so very special.

Antonis, you taught us about sailing and you entertained us with your stories and your wit while keeping us safe.
Maria, you took such special care of us with your stories, your cooking and your friendliness.

This is an adventure of a lifetime that exceeded our dreams. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If you ever come in Colorado please look us up so we can repay your kindness.

Vicky & Paul B. (CO, USA)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 10-17 June 2018
Antonis and Maria,

We feel so fortunate to have sailed the Greek islands on the Velos with you. Each day brought a new adventure, with the highlight of the day being our lunch. Thank you for the care you took while traveling island to iisland.

There have been so many wonderful memories made and we will immediately miss
-morning walks through town
-midday swims
-afternoon cocktails
-elaborate  lunches
-dinner adventures

Thank you for your friendship and please visit if you are in USA.
xxoo Marie & Daniel B. (Foyetteville, GA, USA)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 10-17 June 2018

Another wonderful week on Velos!
We have had such a great week exploring the islands with our family and our old friends as well as the new friends we have made along the way.

Antonis, you are a very capable skipper and have performed well in showcasing the beautiful S/Y Velos this week. We appreciate your careful planning and execution of our week’s journey. I know that just because you make it look easy, it doesn’t mean just anyone can do it. What is more you can do it all with a smile and make the trip fun for everyone!

Maria, thank you for your warm Hospitality this week. You have made us all feel welcome and have done a wonderful job of caring for all of our needs. Your meals were outstanding and the highlight of our day full of highlights! We appreciate all your efforts and your flexibility.

We have enjoyed getting to know you!
Skip & Tammy P. (Foyetteville, GA, USA)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 3-10 June 2018

What an experience!! As our first sailing trip, we had a wonderful time. Dimitra’s cooking was something we will cherish for many years - and we hope to be able to replicate some of the dishes in our own kitchen in Atlanta, GA, USA.

As for the islands we had the pleasure of visiting this week…, well, WOW!
So much beauty, culture and kind faces have left quite an impression. We are so thankful for this experience.

Thank you!
Ryan M. & Tamara J. (Atlanta, GA, USA)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 3-10 June 2018
To Thanos and crew,

For many years it has been a dream of ours to sail somewhere in the Greek Isles and the Saronics didn’t disappoint. It has been truly a wonderful seven days! Amazing sailing, learning of the great history of Greece and we thank you for the opportunity.

We wish you well for the Velos and all who sail on her.
Siety & Ashley M. (Hope Island, Australia)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 27 May - 3 June 2018

Joe and I had an incredible time on Velos sailing around the Saronic Islands. The crew, Maria, Antonis and Fanis where very welcoming, hospitable and a joy to be around. We loved visiting the different islands and seeing how different they were and we always looked forward to the swimming spots and the lunches which were yummy!

Thank you all for a truly amazing time, we loved every minute and have created some wonderful memories.

Carina P & Joe A. (UK, Australia)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 27 May - 3 June 2018

We just loved our trip with Maria, Antonis and Fanis! Maria’s cooking and smiling face were amazing, she is such a treasure! The yacht is beautiful and so very comfortable.

It was an amazing experience and one we will never forget. We should have booked two weeks! Our crew was so helpful and always ready to have a laugh. We all had great time together. It will be very sad to leave.

Best Wishes,
Andrew S & Gemma L. (Western Australia)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 13-20 May 2018

Rick and I had an amazing adventure this week! And Thanos and Alicia you definitely enhanced how wonderful and special it was for you. And the lunches - so outstanding and something we looked forward to everyday.

The sailing was so relaxing and amazing to be part of. Every day was a new experience. The way you two work together is truly like a “well oiled” machine.

Thanks for the memories.
Rick & Shirley A. (TN, USA)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 29 April - 6 May 2018

Thank you so much for everything! This was an amazing trip and one we will never forget! Thank you for giving us great memories for our honeymoon. Everyone was truly a wonderful host  and we enjoyed exploring the Saronic islands with you! Let us know if you ever come in Texas!

Warmest Regards,
Nikki and Nick R. (Texas, USA)


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