Guests' Reviews 2016 - S/Y Alexandros


Guest Book 2016
(on S/Y Alexandros with captain Antonis & hostess Anna)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 2-9 October 2016

We have had a wonderful experience this past week. The food produced by Anna was exceptional! The sailing was fabulous under the care of Antonis. The memories we take home will remain with us forever!!

Many thanks for a great time!
Susanne and Sidney P. (Australia)

Lefkas – Piraeus, 25 September – 2 October 2016
(One way cruise through the Ionian Islands, Corinthian Canal and Saronic islands)
Dear Anna and Antonis,

Thank you so much for a wonderful Greek week aboard Alexandros! We were kept properly hydrated, well fed and just enough “drunk”. Anna, your cooking is superb. Much better than many of the restaurants we visited. You helped us feel comfortable for every step of the journey.

Antonis, thank you for taking us to so many beautiful places around the Greek coast. We learned a lot from you both about sailing and the areas we visited. You are a fantastic captain and guide. We hope you sail many carbon-fiber racing boat in your own time.

Wish you both the best!
Isaac N. and Karen L. (USA)

Lefkas – Piraeus, 25 September – 2 October 2016
(One way cruise through the Ionian Islands, Corinthian Canal and Saronic islands)
Thanks Anna and Antonis for everything!

It was a great week. I admired the way Antonis kept his cool when other boats boxed us in and almost rammed into us, steering calmly and competently through all of it.

And Anna, you should open a restaurant once you’re tired of travelling!! All the food we’ve had in Greece was good, but yours is the best!

Elizabeth G. (USA)

Lefkas – Piraeus, 25 September – 9 October 2016
(Ionian cruise & one way cruise through the Ionian Islands, Corinthian Canal and Saronic islands)

The past two weeks have been the best vacation EVER. You are both wonderful people to have on the boat.

Anna your food is amazing. You made us some old Greek favorites which were wonderful. Antonis you are a great driver especially parking and sometimes having to keep your cool at some ports. You both kept us entertained with your stories. Anna keep an eye on your sunglasses and phone. We are going home to see our cold Canadian winter approach with wonderful memories.

You will be highly recommended to our family and friends!
Bob and Janice L. (Canada)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 18-25 September 2016

What an amazing adventure, for my 30th birthday! We had the whole ship to ourselves, and each location we stopped was priceless.

The cooking was awesome and seems like it won’t be hard to make such good meals while the boat is rocking. We went to Meganisi, Ithaki, Kefalonia and our favorite stops were Sivota, Vathi (Ithaki) and Fiskardo. We swam and snorkeled on secluded bays.

Big thank you to Antonis, Anna and Darina for making this trip special! We learned a lot about sailing, the history, the food and the people. Thanks to Thanos and Alicja for providing the boats and starting this company.

We wish everyone the best of luck in their future travels !!
Brendan and Cinnamon M. (USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 11-18 September 2016

We really enjoyed our trip. Peaceful, relaxing. Food was excellent. Anna is excellent cook. We tested every single ice cream. It was good!!!! A memory of a lifetime!

Kim B. (USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 4-11 September 2016

Five Goddesses arrived from New Jersey / New York for a holiday in the Ionians. We might be the goddesses of rain, but that’s not important.

WHO KNEW: we would have the most fabulous time: YOU DID!!! So professional, fun and made us feel so welcome! Dancing to Barry White, swimming in the most beautiful bays, helping us off the death plank in Agia Efimia and cocktails after a perfect day of sailing. Too many memories to mention!

WHO KNEW: You could create gourmet meals in a ships kitchen: ANNA DID!! The food was just amazing. One meal more delicious that the next. This was a trip of a lifetime. We will never forget you!

Janet S., Patty M., Jane H., Linda B., Tricia H. (USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 28 August – 4 September 2016

An amazing week sailing the Ionian islands! Thank you for being the BEST hosts. Anna was an amazing cook – we all want to bring her home with us. Antonis taught us all the sailing tricks. We saw several starfish – the size of our head! And an octopus that Colin wanted to eat. We drank gallons of Mythos and all the feta.

By the end of the week we are basically professional sailors and want to superglue ourselves to the boat and never leave! Until next time – What a view!

Yacht Hair Don’t Care!
(London UK, Naples Italy and all over America!)
Hanna P., Kelley C., Colin Y., Ann Y., Lauren M., Kara D., Michael O’K., Lynita M. (USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 21-28 August 2016

Thanks Antonis and Anna for putting up with two of the crazy canucks! We had a great time. Anna, your cooking was fabulous. Antonis, you were able to calmly deal with any situation. Keep the flag for next time!

Marian and Don A. (Canada)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 21-28 August 2016

Thank you for fantastic week of sailing! We enjoyed the ports visited and especially loved Anna’s amazing meals! Also thanks to Anna for helping in any needs as well as teaching us how to dance part of the “Greek” dance. Thanks to Antonis for being a great skipper – very knowledgeable and confident, with lots of funny stories.

Happy sailing from David and Denise S. (Canada)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 21-28 August 2016

We had a great time visiting all the small ports and villages. Antonis was very knowledgeable about the stories of the islands and about sailing. Anna is an amazing chef and wonderful hostess. Thank you to both of you for helping us create wonderful memories this week. The music and water guns should come out earlier during the week and not the last day!

Happy sailing from Peter W. and Faye H. (Canada)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 14-21 August 2016

Thanks for a great time! My knowledge of James Bond boats is greatly increased. Shame we didn’t see any shark with lasers!

We’ll be back...
Paul and Charlotte B. (UK)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 7-14 August 2016

Thanks for the hospitality, the nice places we have seen and the overall experience of sailing in the Ionian. We found what we were looking for – relaxation, friends and lots of good food. Anna and Antonis, thanks again for your effort and dedication.

We’ll see you again!
Eleni K. (Greece) and Martin G. (Germany)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 7-14 August 2016
Antonis and Anna,

We had the most amazing trip! Despite some of the craziness, this was still the most memorable and enjoyable holiday we have ever had! You two were excellent – the food was INCREDIBLE - the hospitality – the laughs – the company – god could not have organized a more perfect trip or group of people! I’ve thanked Jesus every single day for this cruise – thank you for helping make this AMAZING!

Danna and Kris V. (USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 31 July -7 August 2016

Once again an amazing wonderful holiday, my fifth time on the Alexandros. I would never tire of this holiday. Exciting, different, relaxing and fun. Wonderful, beautiful Ionian sea which I love. Sadly though less sea urchins than previous years and therefore less shells to collect! We are all well cared for on this boat with great food.

Thank you Antonis and Anna for your hard work.
Angela A. xx (UK)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 31 July -7 August 2016

A massive thank you to Anna and Antonis. You have been amazing, we loved every minute. What a fantastic experience. I don’t want to go in a hotel again, we will definitely be back. Please come to see us in Prague where we can look after you.

Lesley, Frank and Jessie E. (Czech republic - UK - Germany)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 17-24 July 2016

We came for adventure and that is what we got! Tremendous excitement every day – arriving at deserted pebbled caves and swimming in every shade of blue and green water.
Thanks to Anna and Antonis for a magical week. Very knowledgeable and professional team. Beautiful food!!

K.-S. family (UK)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 10-17 July 2016

From sailing to the food, the entire trip was amazing. Thank you for making our trip so memorable. Hope to come back soon.

Thank you for everything!
Charles and Mary (Italy)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 3-10 July 2016

We had an amazing week, so much fun and so relaxing that we really didn’t want it to end. Seriously considered stowing away for another week! It’s a beautiful boat and Antonis and Anna were great.

Hopefully see you again next year!
Jim T. and Kim N. (UK)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 26 June -3 July 2016

What a dream!! Beautiful in a way that can’t be imagined! Wave after wave, pastry after pastry. The captain was amazing. The chef is great. North Star is worldwide.

Thank you Greece!
Mau T. (USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 26 June -3 July 2016

An amazing experience filled with sights and sounds. The crew was incredible and I was impressed by their professionalism. Very memorable!

Mike V. (USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 26 June -3 July 2016

Thank you for all your attention, hospitality and smiles! Our Greek trip was perfect!! We cannot wait to come back soon!

The North Star team NY, USA
Jasmine, Jerry and Zoe N.

Lefkas – Lefkas, 19-26 June 2016

It’s official!!! Today we beat the drinking record on the Alexandros over the Australians! Whoo –hoo!!!

Antonis hoisted the pirate flag before we set sail for Scorpios and Scorpidi for our last secluded swim! The women surprised the men by taking our tops off and jumping into the water while dancing to Michael Jackson “The way you make me feel”! Antonis was smart for staying below deck for the spectacle. Not a pretty sight at all for sure.

Thank you Anna for all the wonderful and surprising meals onboard each day. Thank you also to you Antonis for all your valuable insight and knowledge. “I don’t know” Anytime I hear someone say “For example” I will think of you.

Keep up your beer drinking skill and eventually you will become an expert drinker like the rest of us. Don’t forget to hoist the pirate flag from time to time in our honor.

May strong winds be with you both!!!
Cheryl D. (Boston & Florida, USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 19-26 June 2016
Antonis and Anna,

I would like to say thank you for taking care of us on this amazing trip through the Greek islands. Anna, your lunches are wonderful, and you are a sweetheart. Thanks for putting up with our drunkenness and our making a mess every five minutes. Also thanks for taking time to teach me some Greek you are very patient.

Captain Antonis, you are a remarkable captain, and I know you will have an incredible career ahead of you. I want you to know my trip was not just about how loud I was snoring, and how much I paid to use other people’s toilets;

It gave me a new respect for a beautiful country and friendly people who live there. We will miss you both, but I will always remember my favorite captain and first mate from Alexandros. I hope to see you both again someday. It was truly a pleasure to spent time with you. Happy sailing!


Lefkas – Lefkas, 19-26 June 2016
Dear Anna and Antonis,

Thank you both for one of the most amazing vacations I have ever been on. Everything was way more than I expected!! Wonderful memories that will last a lifetime though “I don’t know” if we will ever see you again but it was unforgettable!

Colleen G. and Rosemary C. (USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 19-26 June 2016

What an incredible week! A better vacation could not be imagined. Had an excellent journey! Thank you so much for the hospitality and loughs. Crew was top notch. Had the cruise of a lifetime.

Thank you so much!
Monique L. and Steve L. (USA)

Lefkas – Lefkas, 19-26 June 2016

It’s been a week filled with good times and good cheer that will be long remembered. A perfect blend of recreation and relaxation, discovery and time to make new friendships and to grow closer with old friends. Many thanks to Antonis and Anna for your friendship and taking the time to make this a special time in our lives.

Fair winds and tight lines,
Betsy and Bill B. (USA)

Athens – Lefkas, 12-19 June 2016
(One way cruise through the Saronic, Corinthian Canal and Ionian Islands)

Destination Relaxation…
Greece is the word
Where we swim with the fish
And sail with the birds

Captain Antonis
Kept us safe from the storm
But won’t go in the water
He prefers dry and warm

Chef Anna’s amazing
She masters each dish
Even climbs rocks
Finds lemons flowers starfish

Cats in the alleys
And beside your fish dish
One single bite
Would fulfill every wish

Meeting new people
Exploring new land
A cool shady spot
Or work on your tan

The plank is our bridge
To adventures each day
Then guides us all home
Sue, Pete, Jack and Rae

Baklava, cinnamon
And showers outside
This sure has been

Jack & Rae F. (USA)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 5-12 June 2016
Antonis and Anna,

You made out this trip one to be dreamed. Anna, your cooking skills were fantastic, turning simple items into tasty meals in such a tiny kitchen. Antonis, your sailing skills were great. You both took care of all details. We enjoyed your company and many laughs together.

Best wishes for your future!
Cheers and hugs!
Jenny McI., Fiona McC., Trevor K. and Pamela W. (Australia)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 15-22 May 2016

Finally after 15 years or so, I managed to get here! Wonderful to see my old friend Thanos again, meet his lovely wife Alicja and his adorable son Nicolas, who I was instrumental in brokering a deal between mum and dad to name him. I look forward to see him grow up.

Anna, Stefanos and Antonis were so nice and helpful and made the trip most enjoyable.
Thank you so much, I had a really amazing time and I really mean that.

Lots of love,
Nur El-S. (UK)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 8-15 May 2016
Antonis and Anna,

Thank you for all your patience in putting up with all of our shenanigans on this trip. The sailing was great and the food only got better every day. Finally, thank you for the filoxenia (Φιλοξενία) you have shown us this week.

Kan C. & Matt E. (USA)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 8-15 May 2016
Anna and Antonis,

The food was wonderful, this cruse was memorable but your good humor in putting up with us was truly amendable!

Thank you,
Abraham P. (USA)

Piraeus – Piraeus, 8-15 May 2016
Antonis and Anna,

I had an amazing cruise! Antonis was a great captain, who even let us visit an extra island. Anna cooked delicious food every day. Our craziest experience was catching and eating sea urchins.

Kevin L. (USA)


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