Guests' Reviews 2015 - S/Y Alexandros


Guest Book 2015
(on S/Y Alexandros with captain Antonis & hostess Anastasia)

Piraeus - Piraeus, 4-11 October 2015
Dear Anastasiya & Antonis,

Big thanks for a wonderful vacation sailing together in the Saronic Gulf! Everything has been perfect and we have enjoyed it a lot from every single excellent dish (we have become lovers of Greek cuisine), from the sailing in this fantastic country, Greece. We wish you all the best in the future and in the winter break.

Big hugs & kisses,
Jorhem & Laia (Holand & Spain)
We love Greece!

Piraeus - Piraeus, 4-11 October 2015

Bardzo, bardzo dziękujemy za wspólne żeglowanie, wszystkie miłe chwile i wesołe śpiewanie! Do następnego spotkania na tych lub innych wodach!

Życzymy Wam zawsze fajnych wiatrów :)
Z żeglarskim „Ahoj”!

Aga i Kuba (Poland)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 20-27 September 2015

Thank you so much for the memorable sailing this week!
We had such an amazing time. The trip exceeded our expectations, we just wish the weather would have been more co-operative. We were so impressed with the both of you. Keep up the great work!

Anastasia - the food was fantastic!
Antonis - Thank you for keeping us safe in the storms and the beautiful sailing!

We can't wait to come and visit again- maybe next year!
Take care and safe sailing,
Andrew & Amanda B. (Denver, CO USA)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 20-27 September 2015

What a wonderful voyage!
Thank you so much for an amazing trip through the Ionian Islands! We really appreciated how knowledgeable you are. We know we were in very good hands. Plus, the food was fantastic!

We hope to sail with you again! Until then
Sail safely & be well!
Susan M. & Rollins R. (Minneapolis, Minnesota USA)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 13-27 September 2015

Sun, swimming, thunderbolts, rain, winds and squalls.
Antonis, you kept us and the boat safe, Anastasia just the perfect hostess. Thank you again, all good wishes & hope to see you all again not too far into the future.

Phillip M. (Australia)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 13-20 September 2015

OMG- This trip with you (Anastasia & Antonis) has been absolutely incredible! You are the best, we will lead everyone to you! We have had a wonderful time sailing and traveling with you.

All the luck to both of you. You are wonderful hosts and great sailors.
Rod and Sue Ann H. (USA)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 13-20 September 2015

This was the best trip ever!!!
Every port & every bay we stopped had a different vibe about it. I enjoyed every moment! Antonis & Anastasiya are gracious hosts and the food is simple yet delicious.
You walk in as strangers and come out being a friend. I loved my time spent with Anastasiya & Antonis’ stories.

I will never forget this trip!!!
Zahia S. (USA)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 13-20 September 2015

Thank you Anastasia & Antonis for a perfect week yet again!
We will miss you, so we have to return!

Much love,
Mary Ann and Jim F. (USA)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 6-13 September 2015
Dear Anastasia and Antonis,

Thank you for beautiful holidays. We had relaxing wonderful time.
Antonis thank you for looking after us as a captain, explaining all information about sailing.
Anastasia thank you for amazing food, everything was delicious. Thank you also for guiding us to Greek places.
We enjoyed the Acropolis visit a lot.
Have a great season!

Keep in touch!
Pawel and Karolina K. (Poland)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 6-13 September 2015

My dear friends , how is it possible for the heart to be so full & so empty at the same time!? So wonderful to spend this short time with you lovely people. Transition is always difficult getting into the water, getting out of the water, now meeting you all and leaving. It would be lovely to think that we might meet again and I will look forward to it.

Love and prosperity to you all, live long be happy!
David T. (Stoke, Plymouth, UK)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 30 August - 6 September 2015
Anastasia and Antonis,

Thank you for a wonderful week. The islands were beautiful.
The lunches were delicious, and the two of you made our trip smooth sailing.
Thank you for taking such good care of us. We will always remember this week as a fun adventure.

The W’s (USA)
Add, Lauren, Addison, Houston & Emily Ruth

Lefkas - Lefkas, 23-30 August 2015

Thank you Antonis and Anastasia for an amazing holiday on board Alexandros.
It was our first sailing holiday (although we were very lazy and left the sailing to you!) and we absolutely loved it.
Thank you for your amazing food moussaka, your amazing sailing Antonis and for being so much fun and so kind with the children.

Dear Antonis and Anastasia
Thank you so much for putting up with us, you could not have been better hosts.
What a great holiday!

Dear Antonis and Anastasia
Thank you for being amazing captain and host!
I loved all your sea stories!

Dear Anastasia & Antonis
Thank you for being amazing captains, chefs and storytellers!
Thank you for making this the best holidays ever!
We will all miss you, and your food and sailing.
Love Amelia


Corfu - Lefkas, 16-23 August 2015

Much thanks and joy for a wonderful family vacation. Your hospitability was much appreciated and the Alexandros is truly a beautiful boat that matches the majestic beauty of the islands. We return home to our busy chaotic lives rested, rejuvenated, happy & reconnected as a family.
A vacation of a lifetime. We will never forget.

Much Aloha,
Sarah, Adam, Olivia, Emma, Meyek M. (USA)

Corfu - Lefkas, 16-23 August 2015

My fourth trip at the Alexandros! Once again a really fabulous time! Third time with the lovely Anastasiya and my first week with Antonis.
You are both amazing, talented young sailors and hosts.
Great food, great sailing, great time!

Thank you,
Love, Angela A. (UK)
And to Thanos and Alicia of course.

Corfu - Corfu, 9-16 August 2015
Αγαπητοί Αναστασία και Αντώνη,

Προσωπικά εγώ εκτίμησα το γεγονός ότι φτιάξατε φαγητά χωρίς φέτα και τζατζίκι. Αυτό για μένα(Βάλια), xάρηκα που γνώρισα τα δύο μεγαλύτερα νούμερα των θαλασσών επί 5 ηπείρων.
Η εμπειρία μας θα μείνει αξέχαστη , γι'αυτό είναι πολύ πιθανό να τα πούμε σε δύο βδομάδες - είναι απειλή.

Σας ευχαριστούμε για όλα.
Βάλια και Νίκος (Greece)

Corfu - Corfu, 2-9 August 2015

Thank you for an awesome week!
It was thoroughly enjoyable. I hope you enjoy the rest of the season and come visit England soon!

Many thanks,
Andy P.

It was a great week for us and you made it happen.
Thank you!
Beata R.

Antonis & Anastasia,
It was an absolute pleasure to spend the week sailing with you guys. You really made us feel at home and always made the extra effort to make us feel comfortable. I will speak fondly of my time aboard the yacht and will be recommending your cruise to friends and family.

Best wishes and see you again some time,

Dear Anastasia & Antonis,
Thank you all so much for making our time in Greece so lovely. Thank you most of all for your patience, kindness & smiles. Special thanks to Anastasia for amazing cooking (we will be needing that amazing cake recipe). Hope that you will have a nice relaxing break when you finish the season which is well deserved.

It was nice to meet such friendly people. Keep in touch and let us know if you are ever in England or Poland.
Anna R.

(Poland - UK)

Lefkas - Corfu, 26 July - 2 August 2015

Dearest Anastasia & Antonis,

It's hard to come back to a holiday with such high expectations. But you guys were amazing. You not only met our lofty expectations, but surpassed them. Thank you kindly for taking care of us like family. I'll miss you and hope our paths cross again. Until then sail safe and stay in touch. Fair winds and following seas.

Arrivederci, Ciao Bello.

Ciao Antonis & Anastasiya

We cannot thank you enough for this week of unforgettable fun, new experiences, and most of all delicious food. You treated us like family and ensured we were as comfortable as could be. I hope the business expands and that you add more ships to the fleet. Don't change a thing and always keep a smile!

Let us know if you are ever in America!
Nathan & Haley

To the lovely Anastasia and dear Captain Antonis,

You have been so wonderful to us it makes it so hard to leave! From the many adventures of rescuing the radio and dingy to the outstanding food every day, this trip has been outstanding. You two made all of us feel at home and allowed us to have a vacation of a lifetime. I hope to see you guys again on another wonderful adventure until then, sail safely!

Wishing you well,

To the amazing Anastasia & Antonis.

Thank you for such an incredible week! I could not have asked for a more perfect vacation.
Antonis, thank you for making sure we remembered to not eat the cherry pits or swim out too far.
Anastasia, thanks for the delicious food and for being my dance partner.
The two of you took such great care of us crazy Americans. It would not have been the same without you.

Hope I can visit you guys again,
Thank you & safe travels!

The year of our lord 2015
This has been a wonderful vacation. Thank you for all the fun and delicious cooking. These last several days have been unforgettable. I hope to run into yall again someday. This was my second summer holiday in Greece and it gets better each day I’m in your beautiful country. Here's to fair winds and following seas.

Enjoy life!
Sand Watt

Anastasia & Antonis,

You guys are the best AMAZING DUO! You guys are so much fun, made such a fun inviting vacation time on the sea.
Thanks for seriously the best vacation ever, this opportunity of a lifetime.
Anastasia, your cooking was fabulous, I'm so glad you were there to dance with us that night.
Antonis, you are a world class captain, thanks for making this trip possible. I will forever remember this trip. I will miss you both.


Thank you so much for everything!
We had an amazing time and made 2 new friends.
Thank you for taking such great care of us!
Mary Claire


Lefkas - Lefkas, 19-26 July 2015
Anastasia & Antonis,

We had a fantastic time here sailing the beautiful Ionian holidays. Thanks for all that you did to make it so special for all of us.
Anastasia, YOU ARE AN AWESOME COOK! Love all of the delicious meals you made.
Antonis - THANKS for your great sailing and taking us to the quiet & pretty bays & beaches!

A memory to last our lifetime,
Thank you,
Mary Ann B. (USA)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 19-26 July 2015
Dear Anastasia & Antonis.

It's been such a pleasure getting to know you. You managed to make this trip the most relaxing holiday we've ever had.
Anastasia - Thanks for the delicious food. Food is always good when it's prepared passionately. So keep it up!
Antonis - Thanks for the sailing and the nice chat.
You are a great team, lovely sailors and of course a very nice couple. Best of luck for your future!

If you ever make it to our island in the middle of Mediterranean, remember you have two friends waiting to meet you.

Your Maltese friends,
Adrian & Roberta B. (Malta)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 19-26 July 2015
Dear Anastasia & Antonis,

This has been a fabulous holiday. I have never been so relaxed. Thanks for taking great care of me.
Loved your cooking, as I said it was far better than any restaurant. You both keep everything ship shape it is a credit to you both.
I could not think of a better way to experience the islands of Greece.
It was a great adventure, fun, full of laughter, good times, you may not remember everyone that comes on board, but I surely will remember you both.

Thanks Anastasia & Antonis!
See you next year!
Kim C. (Australia)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 19-26 July 2015
Anastasia & Antonis,

Thanks for a wonderful introduction to the Greek Islands. You were wonderful hosts & great company.
Fantastic lunches! The best way to spend 2 weeks on a boat is during a heat wave.

Jill & Bill B. (Australia)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 12-19 July 2015
Dear Antonis & Anastasia,

From day 1 to day 7, from morning till sundown, through sailing, swimming & spear fishing you two have been an exceptional crew! We are so impressed at how experienced you are at your age and how well you work together.

It has been a pleasure sailing in the Ionian Sea with you, enjoying all the delicious lunches (Thank you Anastasia) and celebrating our honeymoon. We surely will be recommending a trip with you to everyone we know.

Thank you!!
Alina M. & Andre R. (Canada)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 12-19 July 2015
Dear Antonis & Anastasia,

Thank you so very much for your warm welcome & hospitality care this week. We have had a wonderful time and enjoyed the sailing completely.

We hope to see you again!
Melanie , Leon, Jack & Ella C. (Australia)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 5-12 July 2015
Dear Anastasia & Antonis,

What an amazing week!!
We had a fabulous holiday and so much of that is down to you. I still can't believe the amazing food Anastasia produces every day.
And we had so much fun with the lilo & rope on the last day - Thank you Antonis!
The boat is fantastic & so are you both!

Thank you,
Jenny and Tom R. (UK)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 5-12 July 2015
To Anastasia & Antonis,

Thank you for an amazing holiday!
We all had such good fun and there has never been a dull or dry moment. My favorite part was either when we went spear fishing or being towed behind the boat and having to hold on really tight. I couldn't fault it. This holiday was as amazing as Anastasia’s cooking.

Thanks guys,
Ru (UK)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 5-12 July 2015
To our dear Greek family.

Not only do you give us the most amazing holidays ever, you remind us how to enjoy life and laugh again. Our time with you creates happy memories that we talk about all year and we love you all.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Philippa (UK)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 28 June - 5 July 2015

(sorry, the text is in Ukrainian and we couldn't be sure we'll copy it correctly)

Oleg M. (Ukraine)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 21-28 June 2015

Dear Anastasia and Antonis,

Thank you both so much for the fabulous week aboard the Alexandros! We felt safe and secure and entirely well fed!!
We loved our time in the bays so much, exploring the water and just relaxing on the boat - simply awesome!

Cathy C.

Anastasia and Antonis,
Both of you made a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Just that - once in a lifetime!
Thank you so much for all that you've done to make our trip in the Greek Islands absolutely perfect! Blessings to both of you and fair winds and following seas.

Thanks for everything you've done for us!
This vacation has been so much fun! The swimming and the new places and you two have been so much fun!
I will miss this boat and you two so much when we leave. The lunch was so good! So good I don't want to leave! So THANKS!
The snorkeling was so fun, seeing the fish was cool!
Steering the boat was fun!

Sully C.

Anastasia & Antonis,
You guys were so nice! You made us feel at home, you made things fun for us. Anastasia, your cooking skills were amazing! Antonis, you are great at sailing the boat. I’m grateful we had such a great crew. Thank you so much.
Cambria C.


Lefkas - Lefkas, 14-21 June 2015
Anastasia & Antonis,

Thank you so much for all you did above and beyond what was necessary during our week on the boat! It is because of both of you that we had such a great time! Always think of us when you WOBBLE or when you do the humpty! :)

We wish both of you THE BEST!! And we hope to see you again!

All our love,
John, Chris, Jennifer, Gina (USA)

Athens - Lefkas, 7-14 June 2015 (Saronic - Gulf of Corinth - Ionian)

Our grateful appreciation for your hospitality. As first time sailors we are grateful to Antonis for his seamanship and Anastasia for her wonderful cooking and wonderful smile.

All our best wishes for your future together,
Pete, Sofie, Abdel, Cathy, Leo, Christine, Carl and Jane (Australia & UK)

Ios - Athens, 31 May - 7 June 2015 (Cyclades and Saronic)

Thanks a lot for this great trip and the great food and company.

Have a safe summer,
Fionuala and Laurence (Dublin, Ireland)

Ios - Athens, 31 May - 7 June 2015 (Cyclades and Saronic)

Thank you everyone for such a fantastic holiday full of adventures! Special thanks to Anastasia for all your wonderful cooking , and looking after us so well, and to Antonis for keeping us safe and entertained!

We will miss you!
Felicity & Dain xxx (Geneva, Switzerland and London)

Rhodes - Ios, 24-31 May 2015
(One way cruise through the Dodecanese and Cyclades)

Great place to end this sail from Rhodes!

Nothing was too much trouble for Anastasia and Antonis and they were really kind to us. Always looked forward to Anastasia's lunch! Enjoyed my birthday here yesterday, including Alicja's cake.

All the best,
Ian E. (UK)

Rhodes - Ios, 24-31 May 2015
(One way cruise through the Dodecanese and Cyclades)

Thank you Anastasia and Antonis for a fantastic week of sailing and eating! You make a great team and we wish you all the best for the future!

John & Sandra W. (Australia)

Rhodes - Ios, 24-31 May 2015
(One way cruise through the Dodecanese and Cyclades)

Thank you for guiding us through a week long adventure. We felt like a part of the family and loved your hospitality. It was so nice to set sails and wait for Anastasia to serve her next delicious creation. You two are a talented young couple and I see only good things for your future!

Patrick & Julie P. (Germany & Greenville, SC, USA)

Rhodes - Ios, 24-31 May 2015
(One way cruise through the Dodecanese and Cyclades)

Dearest Anastasia,
Thank you for everything!! The meals were simply the best!! You are a very loving and caring and hard work young woman.

Captain Antonis,
The best!! Very competent!!
After 10 years we are here again celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary, what a gift!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! You are amazing!!

Rosie & Edward C. (Brazil - USA)


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