Guests' Reviews 2015 - S/Y Velos


Guest Book 2015
(on S/Y Velos with captain Thanos & hostess Alicia)

Lefkas - Piraeus, 27 September - 4 October 2015
(One way cruise through the Ionian Islands, Corinthian Canal and Saronic Islands)
Dear Alicia and Thanos,

Thank you for fantastic time. You have given me most wonderful holidays.
Alicja – Twoje jedzenie – potrawy wyczarowywane na Velosie zawsze będą kojarzyły nam się z przewspaniałym rejsem.
I really would like to return and repeat such a wonderful experience. I wish you all the best and thank you so very much!
Elisabeth (Poland - Ireland)

Piraeus - Piraeus, 4-11 October 2015
Alicjo I Thanosie,

Jesteśmy pod wrażeniem pięknej i profesjonalnej wyprawy po Greckich wyspach. Dziękujemy za wspólnie spędzony czas, a wspaniałe smaki Twoich potraw zabierzemy ze sobą do Polski i w szczególności na Kaszuby.

Do miłego zobaczenia!
Jola, Piotr, Lila, Witold, Henryk, Joanna, Aneta, Damian (Poland)

Corfu - Corfu, 14-25 September 2015
Thanos and Alicia,

We are so very appreciative of the wonderful time we have all so enjoyed aboard your beautiful yacht Velos. You cared for us with great finesse and made our CCA Ionian Cruise a magical adventure.

You are a very special couple and work so well together. We are all so pleased to be a part of the Velos crew. May 2016 bring you great joy as you begin your family. We look forward to the news of the wee Thanos.

With much love,
Bob and Sally M. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
Jeb and Dianne E. (USA)
Mark and Barbara E. (USA)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 31 August -13 September 2015

My record… such as it is… on the Velos
1. Over-pumped toilet: first day.
2. Off boat shoes worn onboard: second day.
3. Various items left in incorrect places: nearly every day.
4. Failing to secure every latch on every door before sailing: I’ve lost track…
5. Sandy towel on deck: I’ve forgotten which day this was, but I do remember using a dust pan to clean it up.
6. Cookie Crumbs from broken Caprice cookie - not technically my fault - I blame a bad pass from Alicia…
7. Getting blood on deck from an injured toe stubbed on deck fitting. I’ll forget it, not sue, if you forget minor stain on deck.
8. I may be responsible for the stain under the kayak, but if I need a defense, I thought I was acting environmentally correct: would have thought I deserved praise and I would have thought the eagle eye of Thanos would have spotted the cargo of said kayak. As I said I may have been responsible.
9. One lost pair of sunglasses - no charge - my fault.
10. One irreplaceable Pt. Richmond baseball hat, lost during a violent tack somewhere off Navaronne. I guess I’ll live…
11. One nearly lost kayak oar - to be fair I swam a great distance to rescue it and besides it could have been worst, I could have lost the kayak.
12. Finally I was lacking in all the pre requisite charm I possess while in the presence of Fred… BUT COME ON - I shouldn’t be judged on this - everyone disliked him!

So other than these small oversights my record is nearly perfect and after all we arrived back here in Lefkada with the boat not much the worst for wear…
And no one was killed although I can think of a ripe subject for a murder… can you??

Cheers - YamasNot-so-able-Seaman,
Jeemy D. (USA)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 31 August -13 September 2015

The other half of Jimmyworld must be represented in your book. If you get docked by the baby, perhaps you could open a floating restaurant on the Velos. The memories of these two weeks will live on in so many ways - lots of stories to tell around some dinner tables.

You make (nearly) everyone who comes aboard feel like friends! You have stolen our hearts once again. We shall return!

Much love,
Patti D. (USA)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 6-13 September 2015
Alicia and Thanos,

You have given us a dream vacation and we thank you. The yacht was comfortable, the storm was fun, the company good, the weather perfect and the food ‘out-of-this-world’ fantastic. You are the perfect hosts.

Enjoy your new life with the baby and bring him to Florida to Disney World and visit us.

Stephen and Judi G. (USA)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 6-13 September 2015

Thank you Alicia and Thanos for a wonderful week - not even a storm could dampen the spirits! I’ll miss the scenery, the friendship and of course, Alicia’s cooking.

Wishing you happiness as a ‘menage a trois’
Pam S. (Canada)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 30 August - 6 September 2015

Thank you Thanos and Alicia for a wonderful second week in the Ionian, we have loved every minute! You have looked after us so well and taken us to so many incredibly beautiful islands.

We were so lucky to share it with a fantastic group of new friends. Looking forward to seeing you again - not after 8 years this time!

Very best of luck with baby Thanos too.
Vanessa and David xxx (UK)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 30 August - 6 September 2015

Our second time on this beautiful boat with our amazing hosts and fantastic company. Everything exceeds expectations; the places we stop to swim, the delicious food, the way we are looked after and made to feel welcome.

We have had just the best time and just like Arnie, ‘we will be back!!’

Love,Corrina and Robin xxxx (UK)
(wishing you the very best with your baby too!)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 30 August - 6 September 2015
To our hosts Thanos and Alicia,

We will be remembering this wonderful week when the rains of the Pacific Northwest come to us this winter. You are an amazing team! The delicious lunches were a highlight! The scenic islands, clear waters and fun company.

We hope we’ll be back…
Karen and Bill E. (Seattle, USA)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 23-30 August 2015

We had the most wonderful time on the boat the last week. The boat is beautiful, the hosts were great and the food memorable. Very relaxing time, great swimming, really enjoyed the sailing.
Thank you for the great holiday!
Glen, Sharon, Angie, Graham, Ron

This has been my best holiday experience yet. Delicious food, fabulous travel sites and and wonderful hosts and hostesses. Thank you, my first sailing trip and I will always remember it..
Thank you,
Angie and Ron

What a great vacation! Awesome food, incredible wines and blue waters. Thank you for your hospitality, just a fun memorable trip.
Marian and John B.


Corfu - Lefkas, 16-23 August 2015

We have had such fun sharing your company and meeting your friends. We will always remember how we ‘sacrificed ourselves’ to your wonderful cooking!! Paxos is so beautiful and one of our favorite islands - so we loved the route, but would love to try another trip to other destinations in the future.

We hope we will meet with you again and spend another happy week on Velos!!
Kati and Craig (UK)

Corfu - Lefkas, 16-23 August 2015

Kolejny raz w RAJU!!! Pyszne jedzenie, wspaniałe widoki i cudowni ludzie! Dziękujemy Wam za te piękne chwile i zaparę lat oczywiście wracamy!

Dobrych wiatrów!
Kasia i Damian – Paryż / Namysłów (Poland-France)

Corfu - Lefkas, 16-23 August 2015

Efcharisto!!! Poli!! Ce fut un grand plaisir de passer cette semaine avec vous. Merci de nous avoir fait decouvrir les iles greeques. Merci pour les repas les plus sompteux.

Comme j’ai dit ‘’la meilleur cuisine greeque que nous avons testee c’est la tienne, Alicja!!
Powodzenia!! et bonne chance, courage et bonheurpour la vie avec la petite ou le petit!!!

Emilia et Arnaud (France)

Corfu - Corfu, 9-16 August 2015
Thanos, Alicia and Darina,

Thank you for a fabulous week. As ever the food was excellent and plentiful! The villages and bays that we visited were beautiful and brought to mind the Greek histories. Your hospitality of course made the week even more special, we have memories to last a life time.

Simon, Nicky, John and Tricia (UK)
P.S. Where could we be without the floating t*** and pendulous b******s?

Corfu - Corfu, 2-9 August 2015
Thanos, Alicia and Darina,

A very special great and outstanding week ends today. Fantastic places shown by a perfect skipper. Food with a 12 star quality! We will miss it.

Rosmarie, Alice, Andrea, Urs, Theo and Ursula (Switzerland)

Lefkas - Corfu, 19 July - 2 August 2015
Alicia and Thanos,

Once again we have had a fantastic holiday. Two more weeks in paradise. As usual the food was superb, the company and friendliness added and the blue waters make for a wonderful holiday. We wish you both the best for an exciting new year ahead.

John and Monique C. (UK and France)

Lefkas - Corfu, 26 July - 2 August 2015
Thanos Alicia and Darina,

Thank you for a wonderful introduction to the Greek islands. Couldn’t have chosen a better way to take each day, bay by bay. Will be looking forward to the cookbook so we can recreate the lovely lunches. Will miss the ouzo and water!

Jill and Bill B. (Australia)

Lefkas - Corfu, 26 July - 2 August 2015
Dear Alicia and Thanos,

Thank you so much for your hospitality. We loved the places we visited, loved the cooking and will be waiting for the cookbook!

Catherine and Brad W. (Australia)

Lefkas - Corfu, 26 July - 2 August 2015

Thank you so much for an amazing time! Loved seeing all the different islands and getting the chance to explore all of them. I loved Alicia's cooking, it was a big highlight of my day! I wish the best for all of you, and thank you so much for your wonderful service.
Hannah D. :)

Thanos, Alicia and Darina, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed my very first sailing experience with you! Between the islands, swimming and lovely meals, it will be stiff competition for any trip I take going forward.
Thank you all so much!
Kathryne D.

Alicia and Thanos,
Thank you so much for a wonderful sailing experience -
Thanos - a very talented captain that can park anywhere and find perfect spots where none existed before, and -
Alicia - you are such a warm and wonderful person , excellent cook, great with sailing and swimming and taking such great care of the boat - and soon to be a wonderful mother -
We look forward to your cookbook,
Betty W.

(California, USA)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 19-26 July 2015
Dear Thanos, Alicia and Darina,

Thank you very much for a very relaxing experience, we had a wonderful time. Thank you for the food - sailing and swimming, the trip was everything that we had hoped for - all the very best for the future, we hope all goes well for you and the bambino! :)

Steve and Sharon S. (Australia)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 19-26 July 2015

Thank you for a wonderful experience and will look forward to repeating the entire adventure again.
Nadine F.

Thank you for a wonderful trip!
Douglas F. :)


Lefkas - Lefkas, 12-19 July 2015
To Thanos, Alicia and Darina,

Thank you so much for the most amazing week on Velos. Mum and dad had raved about the experiences they had the last 2 years, but what we experienced went far beyond my imagination!

The final night in the bay was truly special - something to be remembered forever, and we thank you so much for being so hospitable and putting on such a memorable evening.

Can’t wait to come back! Good luck with the baby. Welcome to Darina and see you next time!
Lots of love!
Alex and Charlie xxx

So many unforgettable memories. It has been a magical week with all the family and everything from the food to the private bays, to the tavernas, to the swimming has been so much more than expected.
Our absolute highlight was the special night spent in a beautiful bay with spectacular food and great company. Not to mention Tarzan!!!!

Thank you all for such a great week and welcoming us into your home! Dari you are perfect for Velos.
Love,Becky and Mike xxx


Lefkas - Lefkas, 5-12 July 2015

Wierszem pisać nie umiemy,
Ale bardzo dziękujemy!!!

Spędzony z Wami czas jest niezapomniany

Twój ukochany załogant – Wiesio, jego żona Marysia

Oraz: Artur, Kasia, Ania, Zbyszek (Poland)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 28 June - 5 July 2015
Dear Alicia and Thanos,

What a wonderful week! A sailing charter in the Greek Islands was a long-time dream. We are so fortunate to have selected you and Velos to make it a reality.
Thank you for your warm welcome, your smiling presence and your expertise -- both culinary and nautical! You made every aspect of our week as carefree and enjoyable as possible. We are sad to leave!

Steve and Gail U., Sally B., Marilyn and Henry B., Susan and Michael S.(Connecticut, USA)

Lefkas - Lefkas, 21-28 June 2015

A wonderful week with wonderful people in a completely new environment for us: a sailboat

Thank you for your kindness
Thank you for your understanding
In one word: Thanks for everything!
Rolf and Alida S. (Germany)
Angelika P. and Tim S. (Austria & Germany)
Ulli and Heimo P. (Austria)

Piraeus - Lefkas, 7-21 June 2015
(One way cruise through the Saronic, Corinthian Canal and Ionian Islands)

A wonderful return trip on our favorite yacht, and it was just as good as we remembered. Unfortunately though, we did eat far more than we did last year.
Looking forward to when you come down to the Southern Hemisphere.
Anne and Jenny

Our trip last year was so good that we invited friends to join us at this one. Wonderful times were held by all.
Thank you Alicia and Thanos for your hospitality and for caring.
Karen, Jenny, Sue, Dawn, Julie, Denise, Anne and Jenny


Ios - Piraeus, 24 May - 7 June 2015
(One way cruise through the Dodecanese and Cyclades)

What a great 2nd time we have had on Velos and with our friends Thanos and Alicia. Spending two weeks on Velos was a real slice of heaven. We will miss lunch so very much and laughing with you both.

We were here to celebrate August and Jane’s 9th anniversary, Josh's graduation from Georgia Tech and his new job in NY.
And… we were here to enjoy the true wonder that is the Greek Islands on what will be our last family trip, as our children move into adult lives.

Thanks so much!
August, Jane, Christina, Josh, Grant & Ben (USA)

Ios - Rhodes, 17-24 May 2015
(One way cruise through the Cyclades and Dodecanese)
Thanos and Alicia,

You are the best hosts! We so enjoyed our week of sailing in very capable hands - steady at the helm; delicious meals from the galley.
Sailing was thrilling and the islands all unique.

Had the best time ever.
Ann and Fred M. (Minneapolis, USA)

Ios - Rhodes, 17-24 May 2015
(One way cruise through the Cyclades and Dodecanese)
To Alicia and Thanos,

What a wonderful and memorable holiday! This trip has been on our ''Bucket List'' for several years and you made it happen... WOW! We really enjoyed ourselves and our time with friends Annie and Fred, and with you!

Alicia - from us foodies… what a wonderful chef you are! We so enjoyed all your lunches (and b' fasts!), and we will try to replicate your pasta with wild mushrooms (Alicia's pasta), chicken with zucchini, lemon and tarragon, lemon beef and the bulgur that Pete enjoyed so much!
You exceeded our expectations and we loved it! And thank you for letting us try so many Greek wines!

And Thanos, what an exceptional skipper you are! We know we were in good hands with your mild manner and meticulous attention to detail and our safety!

We loved meeting you both and hope to welcome you to our home in Anguilla one winter!
Very fondly,
Sallie and Pete L. (Minneapolis, USA)

Piraeus - Ios, 3-10 May 2015
(One way cruise through the Cyclades)
Dearest Thanos and Alicia,

Mille fois merci / a thousand thank you for this once in a lifetime experience! This very guestbook is a real testament to just how much pleasure and lasting memories you have offered countless people from around the world. This ship, the truly beautiful Velos, has offered my mother and I much more than a vacation week in Greece.

While the scenery was breathtaking, it is the welcome you provided, your unconditional smiles and the intimate escape through Cyclades that amounted to an experience so sweet and blissful you could almost taste it.

I wanted to offer my mom something special... and while I am sure that are other yachts out there... I am sure there is nothing just quite like the Velos and what the two of you offer on it.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
I/We will cherish this week forever! x x
Christine & Chloe (Canada)

Piraeus - Ios, 3-10 May 2015
(One way cruise through the Cyclades)

Thank you for an amazing adventure. Ash and I have always dreamed of Greece and you have both helped us make that dream exactly what we had always hoped for. From the great cooking to the chance for Ash to sail, this trip had taken us beyond the usual sightseeing to something we will remember forever.
Hope to see you for another trip soon.

Thank you for such an amazing opportunity to see Greece, it was better that we imagined it would be! Very friendly crew on both Velos and Alexandros and Alicia’s cooking was incredible! I'm sure we'll be back again!

(New Zealand)

Piraeus - Piraeus, 26 April - 3 May 2015 (Saronic Islands)
Dear Thanos and Alicia,

Thank you for sharing your sailboat home and way of life with us. It was a fantastic week of beautiful weather for sailing, delicious food and great company. Hope to see you again! Maybe in Samos!

Diane, Brian, Sydney, Miranda & Sophia N. (USA)
P.S. We propose ''The Heeling Kitchen'' for your delicious cookbook title! Please let us know how we can buy a copy!


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