Guests' Reviews 2013 - S/Y Alexandros


Guest Book 2013
(on S/Y Alexandros with captain Alexander and hostess Anastasia)

Piraeus, 14 October 2013
Alex and Anastasia,

You guys are amazing. Alex, you gave Casey and me great confidence with your perfect skipper skills. Anastasia, your delicious cooking and friendly hospitality was always so warm and welcoming. We wish you both every success in the future. You both deserve it!!!

Thanos and Alicia, you two are an absolute credit to yourselves and your company. Combined with Alex and Anastasia our time with you was the most fun we’ve had in Europe. The most genuinely friendly people in all the land!!

Nath and Casey (Australia)

Piraeus, 3 October 2013
Alex and Anastasia!

Thank you for beautiful time:
- the best sailing
- the best food
You are amazing!

Dana and Waldek (Poland)

Piraeus, 3 October 2013
Alex and Anastasia,

Thank you! Thank you! A great week cruising beautiful islands and sea.
Thank you for being such nice hosts.

And Thanos and Alicja, thank you too and may your cruising life continue to grow.

Philip Μ. (New Zealand)

Piraeus, 3 October 2013

What a week. From hot, sunny days to cold rough seas. All was wonderful. Anastasia, you could open a restaurant, you cook so well at such a young age. I will think of you when I try your recipes. Alex, you gave me courage, I was never afraid.

Thank you so much,
Susan W. (Canada)

Piraeus, 3 October 2013
Alex & Anastasia,

Thank you for a wonderful week, we had a great time sailing and eating ‘diet’ food!

Pat and David (UK)

Piraeus, 29 September 2013

Thank you for wonderful time, for amazing food and for the best sailing!
Anastasia and Alex, you are the best!

We love you!!
Spiros and Natalya (Greece-Ukraine)

Piraeus, 29 September 2013
Lefkas (Ionian Sea) – Gulf of Patras – Gulf of Corinth - Corinthian Canal – Piraeus (Aegean Sea)
Anastasia and Alex,

What a wonderful week we had sailing with you. Long days, short days, rough seas or calm – each day was a wonderful adventure.
Alex is a wonderful patient skipper. Sailing is Neal’s dream come true.
Anastasia, the food was just “perfect” and we are barely fitting into the clothes we brought.
Remember us and our funny ponies and we will remember you forever.

Much love, big winds and happy sailing!
Beth and Neal L. (Pennsylvania, USA)

Lefkas, 21 September 2013
Skipper and Skippy,

Thank you so much for taking such great care of us on this amazing Greek holiday. Alex, thank you for being a patient Captain, teaching us about sailing and allowing us to feel a part of the boat.
Anastasia, how can I ever forget you. You are a rising star. I believe you will go far in life. I love your carefree, easy going nature. Thank you for cooking us such delicious meals.
I hope to return next year. Wishing you both a great year and if you are in Bella Napoli, please let me know.

William N. (CA, USA)

Lefkas, 21 September 2013
Alex, Anastasia, Thanos and Alicia,

Thank you so much for a week in the Greek Isles! Your friendliness, professionalism and good spirit was AMAZING! We all had a wonderful time. I hope someday to return. I wish you all the best.

David J. (Napoli via USA)

Lefkas, 21 September 2013

I didn’t know what to expect when we booked this trip, but I hoped to have a unique experience that I could reflect on. You surpassed my expectations and gave me an adventure that I could never fathom having. Every island and port was incredibly beautiful.
Anastasia went above and beyond to accommodate our special dietary needs and everything she cooked was AMAZING!

Alexander piloted our majestic vessel, the Alexandros with confidence and ease. Even during our stormy day I felt comforted knowing I was in the hands of an expert. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime.

Melody F. (USA)

Lefkas, 21 September 2013

We all had such a wonderful time on our cruise. Thank you so much for taking such great care of us. Ana, I appreciate how accommodating you were with our strict diet, calling your mum for recipes! Alex, you made me feel so safe when we had rough waters that first day. I was pretty anxious but your excellent sailing skills made my anxiety disappear. I will come back and sail with you again someday!

Thanks again!
Joanna C. (New York, USA)

Lefkas, 15 September 2013

One of our best holidays we have had! We wanted to do something special for Philip’s 60th birthday and knew he always wanted to return and sail the Ionian Islands again – as he had done 20 years ago – being with our 3 sons and their girlfriends – and in the company of Alex and Anastasia made his birthday one which he will always remember.

Anastasia – you are a little star, a fabulous cook and super hostess.
Alexander – you are first class captain and have taken us to some amazing beaches – so although we are all sad to be leaving we will definitely be returning one day! (if you can put up with our noise!!!)

Love from Philip, Marina, Nicky, Rachel, Anton, Natasha, Stefan and Alix (UK)

Lefkas, 8 September 2013

For decades my wife Bobbi and I have wanted to sail the Greek Isles but were never in a position to do so.
Having heard of ANKO Cruises from a friend, all the pieces of the puzzle came together for us in this week’s adventure.
Our sailing companions were transformed into true friends by the week’s end. The experience of seeing the beauty of the Ionians under sail is indescribable to the uninitiated. And all of this under the expert seamanship of Alexander and Anastassia.
Who could ask for anything more!

Thank you – we will be back.
Hank, Bobbi and Alessandra Z. (Seattle, WA, USA)

Lefkas, 8 September 2013
Anastasia and Alexander,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. For a MOST wonderful, magical and amazing week of sailing through an unbelievably beautiful Ionian Sea!
Alexander – you are the most amazing captain – watching you sail was great – what skill you have!! And you let me (and the others) sail a little – a GREAT teacher!!
Anastasia – you have such a bright smile – and you are a wonderful cook. And your advice on places to eat on the islands never missed.
I would do this again in a heartbeat!!

Thank you!!!
Steve R. (Oregon, USA)

Lefkas, 8 September 2013

I could sail away forever with you! A most beautiful trip, through the most beautiful Ionian Sea.
Anastasia and Alexander, you are the best crew and now new friends I could ask for.
Anastasia will always give great advice, fun places to see and the tips on fabulous food (“Trust me!”)
Alexander can sail. Wow! Having him as our skipper was a treat. His expertise at both sailing and parking the yacht was amazing.

Thank you both again for a fabulous week! I’ll miss you!
Judie R. (OR, USA)

Lefkas, 8 September 2013

We were so happy when the engine stopped and the sails went up. The crew were kind, helpful and fun to be around.

Bill U. (Oregon, USA)

Lefkas, 8 September 2013

End of a wonderful week – A & A you are the best – will return in the future.

Dan L. (Oregon, USA)

Lefkas, 29 August 2013
Alex & Anastasia,

Thank you so much for taking such good care of us this past week. It was such an incredible experience for us to be away and experience something so peaceful and restful.
Anastasia – I will do your makeup ANYTIME and always return to help you in the kitchen.

Thank you both for your kindness.
Brooke N. (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA)

Lefkas, 29 August 2013

A very wonderful trip aboard the Alexandros. Thank you Alex & Anastasia for welcoming us onboard your home and catering to all our wants and desires. You two truly put on a first class vacation. Good luck to you both in every road you choose to travel in life and I hope our paths cross again.

Your friend,
Bobby H. (Honolulu, Hawaii, USA)

Lefkas, 29 August 2013

Fun sailing! Magnificent cooking! You and Alex were fun to be with all week. Keep fishing Alex!!!

Thanks for a great trip!
Peter and Michelle J. (New York, USA)

Lefkas, 29 August 2013

This cruise has been an amazing experience that I will never forget. Thank you for the awesome times – laughs and great experiences that you have exposed me to, in the beautiful Ionian Islands of Greece.
All the best to Alexander and Anastasia and the wonderful hosts Thanassis and Alicia.
Best regards,
Dimitris H. (Australia/Greece)

Lefkas, 18 August 2013

Thank you for making our first visit to Greece as Greeks, the most memorable possible. Nothing comes to mind that is more authentic than sailing the beautiful waters of the Ionian.
The Alexandros crew was awesome. They showed us all the best places. Helped us on countless occasions and could not have been any better.

Alexander showed us a lot about sailing, which was a great surprise. We loved it, the sailing and the lessons!
Anastasia is a bundle of joy and the most entertaining hostess you could imagine. Your firm is very lucky to have such an amazing combo as a crew.
A good idea would be to have a pet or something! We felt like the crew probably has a lot of down time and could use something like a little dog.
Oh, and for a 21yr old, the girl can cook!!

We love those 2! Thanos and Alicia, you are incredibly lucky to have them!
Jasmine and John (Canada)
Stelios and Pighi (Greece)

Lefkas, 3 August 2013

We had a wonderful time. The holiday we were looking for. Relaxing away from the normal hum drum of normal life. Some wonderful sailing experiences. The first sailing holiday for us, many more to come!
Thank you Alex and Anastasia.

Lots of love,
Laurie and Ancilla McK. (UK)

Lefkas, 3 August 2013

This was one of the best and most relaxing holiday experiences ever. Alex and Anastasia were great and deserve a special mention for ensuring that everything went perfectly. A repeat is definitely on the cards and really looking forward to it in the near future.

Sheetal and Sujeet D. (Mauritius)

Lefkas, 3 August 2013

Thank you Alex and Anastasia, for a wonderful experience. We had an excellent time and a wonderful sailing adventure. Lovely food Anastasia, good job Alex. We felt safe and at ease with you. Would love to be back.

Thanks again to both of you!
Rajesh and Rajeshree D. (Mauritius)

Lefkas, 17 July 2013
Dear Anastasia and Alex,

I have had a very enjoyable week on the Alexandros. You have been wonderful to me, kind and helpful and friends. This holiday is a very wonderful experience and I will treasure the memory. Perhaps I will one day return to enjoy your yacht again, your lovely food, the great waters and swimming and your company. I truly hope I do return.

Thank you all so much. With love,
Angela A. (UK)

Piraeus, 9 June 2013
Dear Thanos and Alicia,

Thank you for the incredible week of sailing. We loved all the secluded swim spots and the quaint little villages we stopped to visit. Alexander was a competent captain who handled the boat well and Anastasia cooked up a delicious and different lunch daily!

Also you were so kind and responsive to all my questions prior to the trip. There were so many yachts to choose on-line and we are so fortunate to have found you, out of all of them.
Be sure to look us up when you come to sail in Hawaii!

Yours truly,
Debbie, Paul and Lianna McC. (Hawaii, USA)

Piraeus, 9 June 2013

I loved this trip! Excellent crew, swimming, great food and nightlife!

Lianna (Hawaii, USA)

Piraeus, 9 June 2013
Dear Thanos, Alicia, Alex and Nastasia,

We have had such a wonderful time and are so glad this trip came together so seamlessly. The Alexandros was a great little boat and its crew was even better. Thanks for putting up with all of our strange requests and mediocre sailing!

Megan and Mary J. (Santa Barbara, CA – USA)

Piraeus, 2 June 2013
To all the Anko Crew,

Thank you for such a wonderful holiday. We all were a little unsure how we will get on with a week together on a boat but it far exceeded our expectations.
Your kindness and excellent hospitality was fantastic and much appreciated. The food was lovely and ‘learning the ropes’ while sailing has been most enjoyable.
Sailing in the Greek Islands is well worth doing again!

Bon voyage!
The Ws and The Gs (UK)


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