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Guest Book 2007
(on S/Y Alexandros with captain Thanos and hostess Alicia)

October 2007
Dear Alicia and Thanassis,

The best vacation of our life was rewarded with beautiful new friends. We have enjoyed every moment - snorkeling, following Odysseus, trying to fish, but especially Alicia's beautiful meals. Thanassis' lessons in history and seamanship and finally learning the Greek dance steps!

Best Wishes,
Wendy, John and Meg Bishop (USA)

October 2007
Alicja and Thanassis,

You have made a memory and an experience we will never leave behind. We love the life you live - thank you for sharing it with us.

Your true friends forever,
Susan and Barnaby (USA)

30 September 2007

As you know I was traveling alone because Pili was too busy worrying us all around being ill and having visa issues! Poor little sausage! But she insisted I go -
I really have to say I had a very brilliant time - relaxing, exhilarating - great company - fed extremely well and have no hesitation to all our 7 friends. I will see you next year.

Andy (UK)

30 September 2007

Thoroughly enjoyed a relaxing week.
Thanos issued no orders, we only "needed" to do something, and learned a lot. We enjoyed the company of Thanos, Alicia and their young Polish friends. Fish was caught every day, adding to Alicia's excellent lunches!
I had dreamt of visiting Ithaca and was not disappointed. Hope to join you again some day.

Ian Elliott (UK)

23 September 2007
Thanos and Alicia,

Brilliant week! We have loved the sailing and your company, it made for an excellent week. I'm sorry I didn't help much on the boat, next year I will be better. Good luck with the wedding, enjoy every minute.

Best Wishes,
Hilari and Steve (UK)

23 September 2007

Thank you for a wonderful time, it's been absolutely brilliant. Thanos and Alicia, you have been wonderful hosts and we have enjoyed every minute. See you again next year.

Best Wishes,
Jim and Kate (UK)

16 September 2007

Thank you.
What an incredible week - the winds were amazing, the views breathtaking, the 'treasures' and snorkeling were beyond compare. The food - what can we say!!!
This week has created memories to last forever!

Sue and Guy (Canada)

9 September 2007
Thanos and Alicja,

Thank you for a truly wonderful holiday with many great memories to take back with us. Apart from the sun, sailing and swimming, we will treasure the sound of Kate's panic stricken cries as the boat hardly heeled at all, Hannah's vision of a serrated hammer, Andrew's shower moment, Mark's attempts at fishing and Caroline's command of the Polish Language!
All this was made possible by Thanos' calm disposition (apart from 's**t, the wheel's broken!') and Alicja's sunny smile, great cooking and octopus impressions!!!

See you in Martinique in January,
Andrew, Caroline, Kate, Mark, Hannah (UK)

August 2007
Dear Thanassis & Alicia,

Thank you both so much for this fantastic trip to the Ionian Islands!!
The islands, the water, the food, the wine and the company was just great! We hope that we have also brought something new to your lives; like the new places where we were that you have never explored before, the crazy Vikings hanging from a rope behind the boat -impressive that you didn't get a heart attack Thanassis :)
Thank you again very very much for this unforgettable holiday and great memories...

The families Wihstrom, Plegas & Flodin (Sweden)

5 August 2007
Thanos and Alicia,

Thank you so much for an unforgettable experience.
We have all enjoyed your generous hospitality and patience - we have never sailed before! Harry especially enjoyed heeling!! However he soon got used to it.
Thanos you are such an amazing sailor, so cool and calm. Alicia, what can we say - mermaid, excellent chef and sailor.
You are both very good teachers!

Best Wishes,
Georgina, Peter, Vicky, Harry, Tom (UK)

21 July 2007
Thanos & Alicja,

Our first experience of many wonderful trips to come and hopefully all with you. The food and friendship are unbeatable. The best holiday ever!

Philippa, Mark & Ru - Edinburgh (UK)

21 July 2007
Dear Thanos and Alicja,

This has been a wonderful holiday for us all and a very special birthday present. Thank you both very very much, we will always remember you!

Very Best Wishes,
Ken, Jo, Mark, Philippa and Ru (UK)

8 July 2007
Alicja and Thanos,

All aboard the good ship, Edge and Baizan. A wonderful week of wind, hot weather and ice!!! So glad Aurora enjoyed herself as the first baby crew member.

Good luck with everything,
James, Liz, Aurora (Australia)

8 July 2007
Dear Alicja and Thanos

Great times sailing in the Greek Islands, thanks for putting up with all the Edges and for showing us the sights!

Fiona and Donald Edge (Australia & UK)
P.S. Ice is ALWAYS a necessity in hot weather!

8 July 2007
Alicja & Thanos

Thanks for putting up with the Edge clan gathering for the past week!! Had a wonderful time - great stuff.

See you again...
Sandy (Australia)

8 July 2007

Gracias por todo, buen trabajo como capitana!

Hasta pronto!
Tina (Spain)

1 July 2007
Dear Thanos and Alicja,

Yet again a wonderful week with more adventures - and this time proper Greek weather!
Thank you for all the wonderful experiences, yummy food, hospitality and Gin! Yet again thanks for sharing your beautiful area of the world with us. Looking forward to seeing you in the Caribbean!

Lots of love,
Vicki (UK)

1 July 2007
Dear Thanos and Alicja,

As I write this I feel quite sad to be leaving, as does Ben.
This week with you both, on your beautiful yacht has been just simply 'Perfect'. We could not have asked for anything more. The sailing, swimming and evenings will stay fond memories - the NIGHT sail was magical and one we shall all never forget! The full moon, the music, the warm air, and the heeling! A sail the most experienced yachtsmen would be jealous of, I think!
Thank you both so very much for one of the best holidays we have ever had. (Don't work too hard next week!)
We look forward to your return visit to the UK asap! so you can enjoy our hospitality in sunny Tollesbury!

Lots of love,
Eve and Ben (UK)

1 July 2007
Thanos and Alicja,

We have had the most amazing week, seen the most beautiful scenery and enjoyed the fabulous company. Thank you so much - you both work so hard. You two deserve to be sailing around these spectacular islands - or perhaps the Caribbean??

Thank you once again,
lots of love,
Oli and Vix (UK)
P. S. You must come and stay with us on your next visit to the UK!

24 June 2007
Dear Alicia and Thanos,

I had been feeling rather scared at the prospect, but as soon as I met you both, that all fell away - I had a wonderful week, good company, marvelous scenery -seeing new places and ones I knew- Alicia's wonderful lunches. Best of all, your kindness and helpful friendship.
You are a great team.

Glena (UK)

24 June 2007

Super holiday. A complete change. A bit too hot at times, but wonderful scenery. Good company, good food, what more could one ask. I wish you well in your future together and perhaps we will meet again.

Best wishes,
Phil (UK)

24 June 2007
Alicia and Thanos

Thank you so very much for a wonderful time sailing around the Ionian Islands. My regret is that I didn't try and learn more about sailing earlier in the week!
Congratulations on your engagement, you are a beautiful couple and make a great team. I loved everything about the holiday (except perhaps the loo!!)

Angela Andrews (UK)

24 June 2007

What a wonderful holiday! Great company, superb food and all very well managed. Thanks for being so patient and friendly - and congratulations on your engagement. You work so well together.

Roger (UK)

17 June 2007

Thank you both so much for an absolutely wonderful week aboard Alexandros. It has been fantastic to explore the Ionian Islands in such a magical way and we have greatly enjoyed your company and of course Alicja's cooking! Thank you for looking after us so well and sharing this special place with us on your fantastic yacht.
We would love to come back and will be sure to recommend you to everyone - but please keep a space for us! You would be very welcome to visit us if you are ever in the UK. Thank you again and we hope to see you again soon.

Very best wishes,
Vanessa Fay and David Ellis (UK)

21 May 2007
Dear Thanos and Alicia,

Two free spirits and very happy to enjoy their amazing lifestyle with 3 Kiwis. Alicia - your cooking is second to none - anytime you need a change, we will recommend!!
Thank you both for your introduction to Greece and the Ionian Islands - so special. Remember our email if you want to 'wonder over' to NZ!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!
Liz and Mike Bayly (New Zealand)

21 May 2007

Thank you Alicia and Thanos for the most amazing holiday with you sailing the Ionian Seas, around these islands.
I have you to thank very much for a very pleasurable experience and introduction to Greece and those wonderful dishes prepared by Alicia!
I will be sharing these experiences with family and friends, so maybe there will be more customers in the future with our recommendations.
Enjoy your future together.

Kind Regards,
Mary Anne Hutchinson (New Zealand)

13 May 2007
To capt. Thanos and Alicja,

Had a great week! Alicja's cooking was wonderful, all the swimming places turned out to be well chosen. I will speak highly of this trip to all my like-minded friends.

Gary Byron (Canada)


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