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Guest Book 2005
(on S/Y Alexandros with captain Thanos and hostess Alicia)

October 2005
Captain Thanos and his Swiss army knife (Alicja),

Thank you so much for a wonderful week - we really enjoyed our introduction to sailing and our first trip to Greece - you looked after us amazingly well. Good luck for all you do in the future.

Jan, John, Moira and Chris (UK)

25 September 2005

It has been great to be once again sailing with you Thanos. Catching up on your news. So glad you are following your dream - and what a dream.....!
We had a wonderful holiday..... great sailing, swimming, cooking, wine and GREAT COMPANY.
It has been great to have met you Alicia - so talented (wonderful lunches, swimming......) and always smiling, radiating warmth to everyone.
Thank you to you both. I will be back!

See you again soon! Love,
Abby x

25 September 2005
Dear Alicia and Thanos,

Thank you both for a wonderful holiday. Every time we make a meal from the Greek cook book, it will bring back memories of shared lunches so splendidly conjured up by Alicia. We look forward to sharing a 'Metaxa Alexandros' with you again Thanos, in the not so distant future. Good luck and best wishes for this new venture - can't fail.

Georgie and Roger (UK)

September 2005
Thanos and Alicia,

We have loved this trip!
It's a great way of seeing the 'real' Greece. The very professional Thanos is a terrific captain - the trip is really well organized - while still remaining relaxed and laid-back. I liked learning about sailing and can even tie a few knots now. Your country is beautiful, especially its people, and I'd love to come back.
Alicia, I love your beautiful smile, laughter and wonderful cooking. You've inspired me to try some Greek cooking of my own! I hope you have a good season next year and in the years to come.
All the best,
Tracey (UK)

Thank you for the most relaxing and enjoyable summer holiday ever. It was great to learn sailing and eat your wonderful food. Greece is fantastic and I can only hope we will be back (hopefully soon).
Thank you,
Graeme (the anchor man)

17 September 2005
Thanos and Alicia,

We've had a wonderful and relaxing time aboard your home and you have both been magnificent hosts. Thank you for the beautiful views; the lovely lunches; arranging the dolphins (3 times!!); and your patience in teaching us a bit about sailing.
Thank you for a memorable holiday and the best birthday. Wish you all the best and hope to see you again sometime.

Darren and Kate (UK)

17 September 2005
Thanos and Alicia,

Thank you ever so much. A truly unforgettable experience. Lovely weather and lovely food.... What more can anyone ask for. See you again when I have my own yacht!

Martin (UK)

17 September 2005
Dear Thanos and Alicia,

Thanks for the wonderful sailing experience you have given me. I really appreciate all the hard work you both have done, to make this whole experience a time to remember.

Many Thanks,
Anh A.KA 'Feltzi'

17 September 2005
Thanos and Alicia

Thank you for a wonderful week onboard your home! This has been a great break for me away from the hassle of work. I have relaxed and enjoyed your sailing and had no reason to not think about becoming a captain myself!

Thanks loads,
Ryad (UK)
P. S. And remember the new word for 'cheers' is 'Tortallines'!!

17 September 2005
Great thanks Thanos and Alicia

I cannot remember the last time I felt as peaceful and relaxed as I did on the boat. I would like to thank you for an amazing week! Thanos' talents are not only that of an amazing captain, he also talks to the 'dolphins agents' and gets them to swim by us, he even talks to Him upstairs to sort out the weather!
And Alicia is a wonderful gracious hostess (one small word of warning, she never eats her own food!!). I do not want to leave, but I have a feeling they will make me.

Abby (UK)
P. S. Tortalienos!

17 September 2005
To the Captain & his Water-baby,

Thank you for the most relaxing week I've had in 24 years! Alicia's cooking and hospitality are second to none, while Thanos' excellent skills made us feel safe all week.
Thank you for the personal touches and making us feel so welcome.

With fond regards,
Amie & Fraser (UK)

4 September 2005

We sailed about the Ionian Sea,
The Cooches, Franco and me.
We sailed along at a steady pace,
Each night docking in a brand new place.

With turquoise sea and bright blue sky,
We'll all miss Alicia's plum pie.
Reversing in to find a mooring,
None of us will miss big Al and Beck's snoring.

The sails went up and the sails went down,
like Franco's knickers on a big night in the town.
Thanos the cool skipper said starboard and port,
Never once did he shout abort about.

We swam in the sea and ate like kings,
Rachel just moaned, where are my water wings.
On behalf of the crew of August 05,
for feeding us well and keeping us alive.

We'll come here again and sail out to sea,
Thanos, Alicia, Toni and me.

Many Many Thanks
See you soon x x x

27 August 2005

Very special friends - wonderful food - a lot of laughter. Thank you for not throwing me overboard! I loved the amazing sailing and the mid-day swim. Thank you mermaid, you are fantastic. Thank you captain.

Sue (Canada)

27 August 2005

Thanks for a fabulous week. I've never been sailing before, but will definitely do it again - what a wonderful way to see the Greek Islands! Wonderful food, great company and lots of fun. Thanks for everything - hope to return as soon as possible.

Andy Lester (UK)

27 August 2005

Amazing, Fantastic, Perfect!
My first time sailing and what a fabulous introduction. Thank you Thanos and Alicia for being such great hosts. I cannot put into words all the wonders of the trip! Please have me back again?!!! I promise not to drop anything on the deck!

Thank you,
Corinna Harris (UK)

27 August 2005

A brilliant holiday - the sailing ranged from sedate to thrilling. 'Eric' was quite an experience as was the beautiful sea. Thank you both for the care and attention - you've shown us a very special side of Greece. Thank you both.
Sally (UK)

A taster of things to come. Thank you.
Maria (UK)

27 August 2005

Our first time here for 20 years and it was even better now. Mermaids, caves, aqua sea - just like Sheffield.

Thank you for looking after us so well.
Garry and Gill (UK)

14 August 2005

'Thailing with Thanoth'

Thanoth our thkipper, Alicja our hosteth,
They are a couple with the mosteth.
The anchor goes up, the anchor goes down,
Will we ever leave this town?

Alicja the mermaid swimming ashore,
Thanoth's wit we all adore.
Alicja's lunches are so delicious,
why doesn't Thanoth do the dishes?

A little to starboard, a little to port,
A small adjustment, the genoa's taut.
Lee-ho it's time to tack,
Come on crew, we can't be slack!

'Fenders out!' is the captain's shout.
We tie them up, he sorts them out.
Anchoring's an art we won't forget,
But we haven't mastered it as of yet.

Whithling lethons on the stern,
will Thanoth ever learn?
G and T on the deck,
We're pithed again, so what the heck!?

Thank you Thanoth, Alicja and all your Fore-Fenders for a wonderful holiday, it was 'perfect!'
Keri, Caroline, Jonathan, Maggie and Ian (UK)

7 August 2005
To Alicia and Thanos,

We have had a great time sailing with you in the Ionian sea. It has been a wonderful experience Alicia, your cooking was great, especially the things that tasted like chips. Thanos, thank you for teaching us the basics of sailing.

Thank you for your company, time and effort.
Philip, Sophie and Daniel (UK)

31 July 2005
Thanos and Alicia,

Thank you very much for a fantastic time. Great sailing, great seas, great cooking and great company. I know that we will all remember our time in the Ionian Seas for a long time.
Lots of love,
Paul and Helen (UK)
P. S. Parking the car will never be the same again!

I had lots of fun and the food was great! It rocked my boat! Sam and Emily (UK)

31 July 2005

Just as everyone has said, thank you for a brilliant holiday. I had never sailed before, but I will definitely do it again. Alicia, good luck with the Greek and keep up the wonderful cooking and swimming. And Thanos, keep being a super sailor.

Many Thanks from the Daniel family
Amy, Margaret, Jack and Paul (UK)

10 July 2005
To Thanos and Alicia

This was my first experience of yachting and of Greece. Under the cool command of Thanos, assisted by the able Alicia - half mermaid, half tarzan - I really really enjoyed absolutely everything.
Val (UK)

This holiday lived up to all my expectations. The only problem was keeping cool, so I particularly enjoyed the swimming and snorkeling. Thank you both for a wonderful holiday!
Marj (UK)

Thanks for a wonderful time and for the excellent food and company. I will never forget our invasions of Onassis island! See you soon?!
Morgan (UK)

Thank you so much for this amazing holiday. I have enjoyed seeing all the islands we have been to and the dolphins were amazing!
I am sure when I am at work next week, I will be wishing I was back! Have a lovely summer. Lots of love,

Thanks for an awesome trip. May your future experiences be just like this one... and shine like the sun, the moon and the stars.
Roger and Tim

10 July 2005
Thanos and Alicia

Had a wonderful time, sunny weather, great food, beautiful scenery. My first boating experience could not have been better. Enjoy the rest of the summer.
Love, Janet x x (UK)

An exceptional holiday. Beautiful Greece seen from a wonderful yacht with wonderful people. How we struck lucky with Thanos and Alicia, I will never know - more a foreboding lifestyle than a holiday!
We will be back!
Janet and Peter (UK)

29 May 2005
Thanos and Alicia

We had the best time sailing in Greece! Our 10th wedding anniversary was unforgettable!! Thank you for making everything so special! We hope you come to visit us in Brazil! Obrigado!

Lots of love,
Rosangela and Edward (Brazil/USA)

29 May 2005
Thanos and Alicia

Thank you for good cooking, good sailing and a 'fantastic' holiday. See you soon and enjoy your summer!
Nick (UK)

Thank you for a great trip and for being two wonderful people. We hope to see you soon. Good winds, good sun, good sailing.
Love, Dave T. (UK)

Thank you very much for a truly amazing trip. Everything had been super! Hope to see you again for another great experience.
Lots of love, Luke (UK)


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